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DDO The Walking Dead Episode 29

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12/23/2013 10:49:08 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
(Sorry its been a while, Finals week was pure hell and I recently got both Red Dead redemption AND Skyrim for the Xbox so I have been a ghost recently)

(When we left off, Bullish showed up and kicked major a** against freakish wolf creatures known as 'Reapers' that had decimated half the group)

Mr God then put his gun back onto his side holster and stood directly where Zaradi stood before Bullish blew his brains out

"Now what is your name son?" - Innomen
"You already know what my name is" - Bullish
"No, I dont..." - Innomen
"You know very well who I am...... Innomen" - Bullish

The words lingered in the air like a noxious scent that couldn't be covered up.... How, in the f***, did this guy know what Mr. God's real name was????

Innomen looked briefly surprised, and then grinned.

"Well well well...... Its been a while Bullish wouldnt you say so?" - Innomen
"Told ya Id find your a** one day didn't I" - Bullish
"Mr. God, what the f*** is going on???" - Sarcastic_Indeed
"LOL, is THAT what you call yourself innomen?? Mr. GOD? You are a piece of work" - Bullish
"Its kind of a long story, but the name fits what I can do" - Innomen
"And what is it that you do exactly?" - Bullish
"I am God's chosen one who was given the gift of wiping out the undead when the outbreak first happened" - Innomen

Bullish chuckled.... "Oh Innomen, you are so full of sh**"
"You shall address me for what I am Bullish!" - Innomen

"Do you forget who you really are though Innomen? Allow me to enlighten you and everyone else about your origins...." - Bullish
"You do that and Ill kill you right where you stand, you pathetic sh**" - Innomen
"You need me to keep the Reapers and Wraiths away though. You kill me and youll all die sooner or later" - Bullish

"All you have to do is play the Clarinet badly, I think I can figure that out" - Innomen
"Its more complicated then that, idiot.... Clarinets need a reed to be able to produce a sound, otherwise you'll just be blowing air through a glorified pipe" - Bullish

"So the f*** what?" - Innomen
"So, reed's don't grow on trees. You have to craft them, and im guessing im the only one who knows how to do that" - Bullish said as he looked around. The blank expression on everyones faces showed that Bullish was correct, only he knew how to make reeds to play the clarinet.

"You cant do sh** to stop me Innomen, not this time" - Bullish
"You tell these people what you know and Ill make sure you regret it Bullish" - Innomen
"We'll see" - Bullish

Bullish then casually turned away from Innomen towards the dozens of soldiers/prisoners who survived the onslaught, all eager to hear about the origins of their dear leader from this man who like an angel managed to save all of us from a certain death just minutes ago.

"My Name is Bullish, and I used to be a narcotics officer in the remote jungles of Brazil. I started off in Homicide before switching over to narcotics after 10 years, and my first case was to track a very elusive and dangerous drug lord who was hiding somewhere in the Jungles, overseeing the transfer of all the drugs in western Brazil and surrounding nations. We found a currier who we believed to be working for the drug lord, he was a pathetic low-life in his late 20's who only knew death, drugs, and power.... That same currier is the same person as your dear leader before you today." - Bullish said, raising his hand towards Innomen at the end of his intro.

He continued: "Our insignificant currier though was pretty good at covering his tracks. My men and I tracked him for months with absolutely no leads or developments, before we finally decided to just capture him and torture him to get the info out ourselves.... Month after month he was tortured with a variety of different methods, yet he never gave any info that could be useful to capturing the drug lord, he never even told us his real name"

"Wait... If he never told you his real name then how do you know his name is Innomen?" - xXCryptoXx
"Because Innomen ISNT his real name!.... Innomen was the name of the guy that he killed so that he could take his identity and try to flee Brazil under a different name." - Bullish said towards Crypto.

He turned his gaze back at Mr. God and continued. "We let him go because we couldn't get any useful info out of him about the drug lord we were looking for, but upon his release he got offers of recruitment from other drug lords who were impressed by his loyalty. When we tried to go after him, he stole the identity of a man he killed and fled Brazil to the Bahamas, right before the zombie invasion broke out.... We haven't seen each other since, though the last time we did meet I vowed that I would find him"

Mr. God smirked and then took a few steps towards Bullish. "Well you've found me, and you've exposed some of my past to all my followers.... But that STILL doesn't deny that I DID wipe out a hoard of zombies without firing a single bullet, and that I AM the chosen one to lead humanity through this apocalypse" - Mr. God

"I don't know what kind of sh** you pulled to convince all of these people that you're some sort of prophet or chosen one, and I still don't know you're true name.... But I DO know that you started off as some insignificant swine who went from being a small time drug merchant to some sort of maniacal dictator." - Bullish

"You can thank yourself for that one Bullish. You made me this way I didn't choose this path" - Mr. God
"LOL. How the hell do you blame me for you turning into a pompous d*ckbag?" - Bullish
"Remember the torture sessions?? Remember those Bullish? You pulled every kind of trick in the book to get me to talk.... Waterboarding, electrocution, shooting me in the knees.... You even pulled some tricks out of Nazi and WWII Japanese tactics to try to get me to talk! It was thanks to YOU and all of your ilk that showed me that I have more will then any other man, and that when it comes down to it, the best way to get what you want is through fear, and brutality....." - Mr. God

He continued "YOU were the one who turned me into the animal that I am and YOU were the one who forced me to flee to the Bahamas right when the whole zombie apocalypse broke out! you cant look at me like I'm some sort of villain who chose to be this way when YOU and YOUR friends were the ones who made me this way" - Bullish

"Don't put that sh** on me Innomen, or whatever your real name is.... Torture and brutality are only sometimes justified when it is necessary to extract crucial information... You use it as a fear tactic and because you gain some sick pleasure out of it" - Bullish

"Well of course its fun to kill and maim others! I find it funny that someone who was as scrawny and worthless as me was able to take so much punishment that everyone else here would be KILLED from!" - Mr. God

At this point Mr. God and Bullish had started walking in circles around each other, like a Wild West standoff without guns pointed at each other

"The simple truth that you keep forgetting is that you need me, whereas we don't need you" - Bullish
"We only need you for right now.... Once we fortify this Island with some gates then there wont be any need for you and your reeds!" - Mr. God

"High walls cant keep you protected forever my friend.... Time and time again Ive seen people lower their guard because they have such high walls... But in the end, nothing ever works. Sooner or later, everything gets overrun, and almost everyone dies.... Until then though, Im stuck with you and you are stuck with me, whether we like it or not" - Bullish

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12/24/2013 11:40:15 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 12/23/2013 11:26:35 PM, NightofTheLivingCats wrote:
Very nice.

Bullish, set this as your avi