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To Help WIth Debate of The Month

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1/6/2014 1:42:29 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
So I think one huge problem with this whole Debate of the Month thing is that no one remembers who debated what so we can't even think of anyone or anything to nominate!

That's why Ima compile a list of debates and users so that we can be prepared for the Janurary Debate of the Month.

Feel free to chip in here every so often whenever you find a good debate or a user worthy of nomination.

Here are some debates:

1. Imabench's 500th debate: Attempted Suicide should be punishable by death

2. It is More Preferable to be an Extrovert Than an Introvert in Modern Western Society

3. In A Fight Between the Star Fox Team and Jigglypuff, the Star Fox Team Would Most Likely Win

Feel free to add more.
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