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DDO The Walking Dead Final Season Ep 30

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1/20/2014 8:19:12 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
(When we left off, Bullish and Mr. God just finished their conversation after Bullish drove off the horde of Reapers and killed Zaradi)

Mr. God walked back inside the hotel he adopted as his HQ with a very disdained look on his face, It's probably been a while since the last time he encountered an enemy he couldnt just kill in cold blood. He only muttered one thing as he walked in, "Have the men collect the dead".......... His officers obeyed, and they immediately began telling the prisoners and lower ranking soldiers to start collecting the dead, even though they literally were shooting at us just moments ago for not sprinting to our deaths against the reapers....

Ober and I drifted over towards Phantom lying dead on the street, shot dead by one of the nazi's, and we simply turned around and made our way back towards the bridge. Hopefully YYW and Anti were still alive............ As we walked I casually thought of Phantom and all the stuff we did together, but I didnt shed a single tear. Being in an apocalyptic world really desensitizes you after a while. Even the most sensitive of people can be turned into battle-hardened and borderline uncaring individuals, who look at death as simply another event rather then as a tragedy of some sort.

We soon ran into Ober's friends, Daytona and Magic.

"Holy sh** you guys made it! :D" - Ober
"We got lucky, there were so many other people for those thingy's to kill that they never got around to coming after us after whats his name showed up." - Daytona
"You mean the reapers? and that guy's name was Bullish" - Ober

"Yeah those things. The smaller ones were a lot easier to fight though, I saw YYW kill like 3 of them before he got overwhelmed" - Daytona
"Overwhelmed..... So he didnt make it?" I asked
Phantom and Anti exchanged nervous glances, apparently they didnt immediately recognize me standing next to Ober before mouthing off about YYW

After the awkward pause, Daytona finally found his voice again
"Y-Yeah...... He went down fighting"
"You guys see what happened to Antidoter?" - Me
"He didnt make it either. Id go into detail but there really isnt any need to. It was pretty ugly" - Magic

And just like that, the last 3 people I really had in the world were gone. Yet I still couldnt feel a damn thing. I wasnt pissed or sad, or even mildly upset either. I simply was apathetic, an object incapable of showing emotion at all.... Like a lamp, or Kristen Stewart.

Ober casually tapped my shoulder to snap me out of it. We then began collecting the dead with the rest of the prisoners, making sure to avoid going anywhere near where our friends fell.


The task lasted the entire rest of the day. We found out that of Mr. God's several hundred men he had prior to the landings, only 60 were left. Mr. God could now only operate at most two of his original 4 ships, and he probably didnt have the gasoline to go anywhere, even though he probably would deny that.

The hotel meanwhile had become the housing for everyone else. The prisoners and their overseeing officers took up the bottom floor, mid ranking officers took floor 2, and Mr.God and his close advisers took floor 3. The hotel was 40 floors high, but since you could only travel by stair everyone stayed close to the ground floor, though im sure that Mr. God stationed some lookouts on the top floors since you could see the entire Island from up there.

Everyone could get their own room, but Ober, Magic, Daytona and I opted to share 1 room for a night while we plotted.

"Why do you want to track down Bullish again?" - Ober
"He's the only one who basically has immunity against Mr. God and cant be harmed, he could potentially help us escape and find some other place to survive" - Me
"Why would he help us though, he doesnt even know us!" - Daytona
"Its worth a shot, id much rather take my chances on the road somewhere than risk being killed by these f***ing nazi's" - Magic
"We wont be able to do that without him though, Bullish is the only one who can keep away the Reapers!" - Ober
"But what if Bullish knows of another way to keep them away and he just didnt tell anyone to prove that he cant be killed?" - Phantom

"You think theres another way to drive em off?" - Me
"There might be" - Phantom
"And why would he simply not give something like that to us?" - Daytona
"Well for starters we werent the bastards killing their own men" - Me
"Guys, we dont even know if Bullish can be TRUSTED. I mean for f**ks sake he straight up killed Zaradi without even talking to him just to get Mr. God's attention, he could be insane!" - Ober

"He cant be any more insane than Mr. God now can he?" - Daytona
"He doesnt have to be THAT insane to be dangerous" - Phantom
"Guys look, Ive thought about it, and we're not on a ship or an Island in the middle of the ocean anymore, the mainland is literally right across a bridge and if the one guy who isnt a Nazi may help us escape and survive out there, then I say we go for it" - Ober

"My thoughts exactly, so you in or what?" - I said to the other two. They reluctantly nodded.


After sneaking out a window and using low lying tree cover to stay out of sight of the potential lookouts on the top floor, we made our way south towards where Bullish was. The Island was only a mile wide and a few miles long so it was impossible to not run into his place sooner or later.... Sure enough we only had to hike through the wilderness for a few minutes to find the town on Key Biscayne. The town was pretty damn big though, we would have to split up to find him.

"So groups of two then?" - Ober
"We could find him faster if we all went out on our own actually" - Magic
"Aint no way in hell im going off wandering through some town Ive never been two for a guy who might kill us for no reason" - Anti
"Yeah im not really cool with that either" - Ober
"The towns not that big guys, and its literally empty. there wont be zombies or anything like that" - Me
"How do you know that though?" - Magic
"I havent seen a single regular a** zombie the whole time, and if they are here then we have ACTUAL weapons this time to fight them off" - I said. We found some knives and spare weapons outside the hotel that werent picked up by people when the dead were being collected.

After some more bickering. Everyone grew a pair of balls and split up, each one looking to find Bullish's hideout. We agreed to meet up at the entrance to the town at sunup if we hadnt found him yet. Magic and Daytona went through the residential area, Ober went to some of the abandoned hotels, and I would go scope out the strip malls along the main road first.


I still didnt know why I agreed to go out on my own just because Thett said so, I was starting to regret it. I hadnt been on my own on any kind of mission in a long time now, and every creek or wind gust I heard scared me to death. I clenched the knife Thett gave me hard, to the point that my knuckles were white and my hand started to chafe. I wandered into the first building I saw and began exploring it, looking for any signs of Bullish.


A zombie leaped out from behind some rubble and attacked me, pushing me to the ground. I struggled to get him off at first but finally managed to drive the knife into his skull....

He fell over to the side, but as I reached to get the knife back I noticed I was bitten....

"Oh f*ck, oh f*ck f*ck f*ck!!!" I said out loud.

I couldn't let the other guys know.... They could never find out.

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1/20/2014 8:21:14 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Active/Formerly active characters:

1 - Thett3
2 - Maikuru (Dead)
3 - Noumena (Dead)
4 - lannan13 (Dead)
5 - 16kadams (Dead)
6 - Airmax (No Longer Active)
7 - Pennington (Dead)
8 - LordKnuckle (Dead)
9 - Eitan_Zohar (Dead)
10 - RyuuKyuzo (No longer active)
11 - johnnyboy54 (Left for Dead)
12 - Smithereens (No Longer Active)
13 - DetectableNinja (No Longer Active)
14 - Cybertron (Dead)
15 - Frackjack (Dead)
16 - Drafterman (Dead)
17 - Phantom (Dead)
18 - Tvellalott (No longer active)
19 - Antidoter (Dead)
20 - DoubtingDave (Dead)
21 - Citra (Unknown fate, no longer active)
22 - Ragnar (Dead)
23 - Cermank (Dead)
24 - 1HistoryGenius (Dead)
25 - TUF (Unknown fate, no longer active)
26 - YYW (Dead)
27 - Magic8000
28 - OberHerr
29 - Daytona
30 - Zaradi (Dead)
31 - xXCryptoXx
32 - Sarcastic Indeed
33 - Bullish

Soon to be Introduced:

34 - Muzebreak
35 - MassiveDump
36 - jzonda41
37 - Mysterious_Stranger

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1/21/2014 10:32:51 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 1/21/2014 10:20:55 AM, imabench wrote:
At 1/21/2014 6:20:11 AM, Bullish wrote:
Oh no thetty.

He wasn't the one bitten

It was either Ober or Anti, most probably.
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1/21/2014 11:20:30 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 1/21/2014 10:20:55 AM, imabench wrote:
At 1/21/2014 6:20:11 AM, Bullish wrote:
Oh no thetty.

He wasn't the one bitten

Oh I see.
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1/21/2014 12:31:03 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I only just died? I thought I was probably long gone. I haven't read anything since the first episode with me in it. I need to catch up.
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