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DDO The Walking Dead Final Season Ep 31

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1/28/2014 8:41:40 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
(When we left off, Thett and his remaining friends set out to find Bullish and see if he can help him get away from the Nazi's since Bullish basically has political immunity. However, one of Thett's friends got bit by a zombie during the search, and has opted to conceal his bite from the others)

I had paved through the strip mall along the main street with no sign of any possible hideout where Bullish could be hiding in, and I was guessing that others didn't have much luck either. Still though it was best that we all split up to try to cover more ground, staying in one big group would have made this whole search painfully longer.

I stepped outside of one of the strip malls to try to see where to search next. I had been searching for hours now, and I was almost at the end of the road where the residential area ends and turns into marshland. The moon was bright when it wasn't concealed by cloud cover, and when it wasn't you could get a good view of the town that has long been taken over by mother nature. It wasn't zombies or bloodstain or shattered windows that characterized what used to be society anymore, now it was all just being taken over by moss and weeds, reclaimed more by mother nature then the walking dead......

There was one more mall to check, but I had a feeling he wasn't in there. I could check out the hotels and see if I could maybe run into Ober, who was also looking through the hotels, or I could take my chances in the residential area, and maybe run into Magic and/or Daytona.

I opted for the hotel.

This one wasn't one of the grand hotels that dominated the skyline of the rest of the Island, in fact it couldn't have been more then 5 stories tall. It looked kinda small which is why I opted to scope it out rather then go house to house in the residential half of town. It didn't matter though.

I took four steps and then promptly got hit upside the head by something hard. The last thing I remembered was searing pain and hitting the ground before being dragged away.


When I woke up, my head hurt like a mother f***er. It had been a long a** time since I had been knocked out via a blow to the head....

When I came to I found out I was in a chair, tied to it from my neck down to my ankles. I couldn't see sh*t because I was aimed right towards a narrow window where the bright moon blazed into my eyes. I quickly figured out that I was in one of the houses....

And that I wasn't alone.

The cold sharpness of what could only have been some kind of blade was soon pressed against my neck, the guy holding it stationed behind me where I couldn't see him.

"Who the f*ck are you?"
"Thett, my name is Thett...." I said trying to not freak out
"Why the f*ck are you here?"
"I came looking for Bullish"
"Is there anyone else with you?"

I didn't know how to answer that. If I told them I was alone but had others with me looking, that might put them in danger along with myself, but if they already found them and I lied that I was alone, that would also surely piss them off...

"No, no, I'm alone right now"
"Why'd you stall the first time?" Someone else spoke this time, there were 2 of them.
"I didn't understand the question at first." - I said. I had gotten pretty good at bull-sh*tting my way through interrogations.

"Why are you looking for Bullish?" - The first person said
"I was hoping he could maybe help me and my friends escape from the nazi's"
"So you DO have friends"

Sh*t. Maybe I'm not as clever as I thought.

"Are they looking for Bullish too?" - A third person asked
"Yeah" I figured I might as well be honest at this point and hope for the best
"I thought you said you were alone"
"I am alone, they're checking out other parts of the neighborhood"
"How many?"
"3 others"

One of them took the blade off my neck. I could hear some murmuring between them but couldn't make out what they were saying. Then two of them left the room, while the third one came up behind me and swung me around in the chair away from the window.

It took my eyes a while to adjust, but when they did it was when the other 3 guys re-entered the room, dragging in Daytona with them.

"You know who this guy is?" One of them asked
"Yeah, thats one of my 3 friends who was trying to look for Bullish"

The three exchanged glances and then started to untie me and Daytona.
"We need to find your two other friends and get the f*ck out of here, FAST" - One of them said
"Why, whats wrong?" - I asked
"Long story short, this Island is about to become infested with enough reapers to kill an army of 10 thousand men, and its gonna happen sometime in the next few hours which means we need to find your friends and get you the f*** out of here."

"Oh sh**!" - Daytona said
"How do you know they're coming?" - I said
"Because we're the ones bringing them here"
"Wait WHAT? WHY!??!?!"
"Should we tell them?" - Stranger 1
"Go ahead, they look like the prisoners that Bullish was talking about when he came back" - Stranger 2
"Tell me what?"

"Basically, we are going to lure a sh*t ton of reapers onto the Island, blow the bridge when they get here, after we cross the bridge first, so that we can trap them on the Island and escape while at the same time giving the reapers enough of a distraction to let us escape, that distraction being the Nazi's" - Stranger 1

"We weren't always hold up on this Island, we were forced to hide here to take up refuge from the Reapers after they forced us out of the city a couple months ago. We kept them at bay with the noise thing but every two weeks they would try to storm us, each time with more and more of them.... Its about that time when they try to come get us, and we decided to let them come in this time and lay waste to the place while we sneak out behind them." - Stranger 2

"So that attack earlier yesterday, that wasn't the attack?" - Daytona

"Nah, they always send like 3 or 4 as scouts the day before they send the full force, and they also usually come in between morning and noon which means that we really need to find your friends and go. Bullish should be ready by now." - Stranger 2

"Ready to do what?" - Me
"Set up explosive to blow the bridge. Once we get all the reapers on the Island, Bullish will blow the bridge and trap them here after we cross it and get back into the city. That way the Reapers will be stranded here with no way off the Island, while at the same time taking care of the Nazi problem." - Stranger 2

"Thats actually pretty crafty, any way we can help?" - I said as one of the guys got the last rope off of me.

"Yeah, tell us where the f*ck we can find your 2 other friends so that we can get the f*ck out of here!"

"Magic should be scouting houses near where Daytona was, and Ober was checking out the hotels on the east side of the Island, but we actually told them to meet up at the road into town at sunup if we didn't find Bullish, and its about that time"

"Good, we'll head over there and see if we can find them. Lets head out" - Stranger 2

"Wait, how are you gonna move fast enough to get through the Island and the reapers without being shot or torn to shreds?" - Daytona

"Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we're driving out of here in a mutha f*ckin TANK" - Stranger 3

.............................. Oh this is gonna be fun :D

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1/28/2014 8:45:10 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I forgot to post this last night cause I was focusing on setting up a DDO Democracy 3 thingy.

Anywho heres the previous episode incase you missed it :

And the current character list:

Active/Formerly active characters:

1 - Thett3
2 - Maikuru (Dead)
3 - Noumena (Dead)
4 - lannan13 (Dead)
5 - 16kadams (Dead)
6 - Airmax (No Longer Active)
7 - Pennington (Dead)
8 - LordKnuckle (Dead)
9 - Eitan_Zohar (Dead)
10 - RyuuKyuzo (No longer active)
11 - johnnyboy54 (Left for Dead)
12 - Smithereens (No Longer Active)
13 - DetectableNinja (No Longer Active)
14 - Cybertron (Dead)
15 - Frackjack (Dead)
16 - Drafterman (Dead)
17 - Phantom (Dead)
18 - Tvellalott (No longer active)
19 - Antidoter (Dead)
20 - DoubtingDave (Dead)
21 - Citra (Dead)
22 - Ragnar (Dead)
23 - Cermank (Dead)
24 - 1HistoryGenius (Dead)
25 - TUF (Unknown fate, no longer active)
26 - YYW (Dead)
27 - Magic8000
28 - OberHerr
29 - Daytona
30 - Zaradi (Dead)
31 - xXCryptoXx
32 - Sarcastic Indeed
33 - Bullish

Soon to be Introduced:

34 - Muzebreak
35 - MassiveDump
36 - jzonda41
37 - Mysterious_Stranger

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1/28/2014 11:34:49 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 1/28/2014 9:52:45 PM, Citrakayah wrote:
I thought my fate was unknown.

and now yer dead
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