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**Weekly Announcement Feb , 2-7-14 **

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2/7/2014 2:30:14 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hello everyone and happy February! This one will be short, because I have drill weekend!

What"s up with Juggle?

Alex and I are continuing to discuss feature development as usual. As said in the last update, while their resources are limited, I am trying very hard to push through some updates. I am going to assist them the best I can with coding, but my current plan is to create certain functions for testing. As many of you may have noticed, I am working on a project called "DDOfans2.0". This project is designed to be a resource for member socialization, testing, and creativity exploiting. The testing purpose of this will be to accrue both interest and utility. If we can create successful features that seem to gather popularity and I can show this to Juggle, their likelihood of being implemented will be much more likely. So as said before, I will need a lot of your help in creating this. We have already gathered a lot of volunteers which is great! The more we have, the more likely we are to see some cool updates! I have a long list saved of suggested member updates. Obviously we probably won"t expect to see every one of them updated soon, but my priority will be pushing the ideas that have received the most popularity. Meanwhile, some of the smaller beneficial updates will be worked on as well as some of the other more "long term" projects. There has been some fuss about "gender equality" in the forums based on the limited setting options. With this, I saw a valid concern, and pushed through a suggestion to Juggle to change this. Alex saw good reason to fix this, and has pushed through a ticket to get this fixed. It is my hope that this will be pushed through soon.

What else is new?

We have the usual drama, and banning"s going down all around the site. Lately it seems as if behavior boundaries are getting pushed, which is why there has been many banning"s. Hopefully this trend comes to a lull soon, and we can carry on a bit more peacefully.

Mikal started a competition called "Mr/Mrs. DDO". This competition seems like it will be silly and fun. If you aren"t camera shy, feel free to sign up. It should be fun!

Member of the week

Speaking of Mikal, I would like to nominate him as the member of the month. Mikal is a valued member of the site, and has shown a great appreciation and caring for others. He contributes to the community in ways many people probably don"t recognize.

For one, he is an amazing voter! He usually leaves a decent RFD on any debate he votes.

He is also a fantastic debater, if his ELO and record do not already speak for themselves. Mikal has made several threads recognizing valued members. This appreciation is a major out of his own volition, and just shows how truly great of a member he is. He cares about the website, the community, and has given great feedback and ideas for bettering the community. This week, I am pleased to announce Mikal as our great member of the week!