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DDO The Walking Dead Final Season Ep 36

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3/17/2014 6:56:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
"Guys, where the f*ck did Thett go???" - Massive
"I dunno, he grabbed Cypto's gun, mine too, and then just took off!" - Ima
"Any idea where he is going?" - Mysterious
"Maybe to find Magic and Ober" - Daytona
"On his own???" Has he lost his god damn mind?" - Ima
"Maybe, he hauled a** out of here pretty quick and never even slowed down" - Daytona
"Should we go try to get him?" - Mysterious
"We need to help Bullish and get ready for the onslaught thats about to reach us" - Ima
"Ima, bad news, we only got like 5 guns with 30 rounds of ammo for each of them" - Massive
"Its gonna have to wait, we're losing Bullish!"

Bullish, as tough as he was, was clearly not getting better. The color was beginning to drain from his face, along with other parts of his body, his hands and toes were no longer twitching and were just about lifeless, his breathing was growing slower and more labored, and his eyes were closed more often than they were open now.

"What did you say happened to him?" - Ima
"It looked like only his leg was screwed up!" - Crypto
"Well clearly something else is going on because he looks really bad right now" - Ima
"Was he poisoned or something?" - Massive
"I didnt poison him!" - Crypto
"I didnt say you did....." - Massive
"Guys take off his shirt and see if there was some other wound we dont know about" - Daytona

They all struggled to take off Bullish's jacket, he was just about unconscious. We took off his jacket and Bullish was pale white just about everywhere, he was so white he looked like he could glow in the dark.

Daytona was the first one who spotted it.

"Guys f*ck, Bullish has been bit!" - Daytona

Everyone scrambled to see what Daytona was looking at. Under Bullish's left armpit was a bandage hanging on by a thread, with a bite mark only slightly concealed behind it

"What the hell??? When the f*ck did he get bit?" - Crypto
"He seemed fine when he left last night to go plant the bomb" - Ima
"How the hell does someone get bit near their armpit though?" - Daytona
"He was probably reaching up for something and a zombie just shot out of nowhere and bit him right under the arm" - Mysterious
"How long do you think he was bit?" - Ima
"Judging from how bad he looks, it had to have been at least a few days. People dont show symptoms of becoming a zombie in just a few hours." - Massive

"Well what do we do with him? I mean hell he almost isnt breathing anymore" - Daytona

There was a pause, and a lot of glances being exchanged between people. The only thing that could be heard was Bullish's breathing growing heavier and less frequent.

"Put him in the bedroom and keep an eye on him for now. We can either hole up and fight or burn up what little gas we have left and head somewhere else" - Ima

"Where else can we go? We're on an island in the only part of town and the one bridge out of here got rammed by a Destroyer" - Daytona
"Why in the hell did they do that again? Im still trying to figure that one out" - Mysterious
"We'll figure it out later, we need to either hole up or ship out, what do you guys wanna do?" - Ima
"Where can we go?" - Massive
"What about the yacht club?" - Mysterious
"The what???" - Daytona
"Theres a yacht club in the upper west side of town that has boats and stuff we could use" - Mysterious
"Why the F*CK WASNT THAT PLAN A?" - Daytona
"One, half the boats are ruined, two, the other half we siphoned the fuel out of them and used it for the tank, and three, its within sight of where the hotel used to be, they'll see us a mile away" - Ima

"Whats towards the southern part of the Island?" - Daytona
"Its a wilderness reserve with not a lot of places to hide and an occasional zombie. We almost lost Ima last time we went in there" - Massive
"For the last time I was a little out of it on expired butter, okay?" - Ima
"A 'little'??? Ima you almost mistook me for a zombie and tried to shoot me" - Mysterious
"GUYS" - Daytona
"Look its either here, the yacht club, or the lowest part of the Island. Whats it gonna be?" - Ima

"You guys sort it out, Massive, help me get Bullish into the bedroom for now" - Mysterious

"Crypto what do you think?" - Ima
He thought about the options for a little bit.....
"I dont remember there being many nazi's left alive after you guys blew the hotel to pieces, and those that I DID see looked pretty confused and scared, unwilling to fight.... I also see no way for them to even stay as a team now that Ima and Zaradi are dead. There wasnt a chain of command or anything that would automatically make someone the new leader if Ima and Zaradi were eliminated....... I think we should move to the road at the entrance to town, dig in there, and if they come, beat the sh** out of them" - Crypto

Just then, there was a wrestling of leaves near the backyard. It was pretty loud, and before Crypto, Ima, or Daytona could arm themselves with something, someone hopped over the fence.

It was OberHerr.

"Ober, Holy sh** youre alive! How???" - Daytona
"Was this one of the guys you were lookin for?" - Ima
"Yeah, you alright dude? you dont look too good" - Daytona

Ober was winded, and also not looking too well. He finally caught his breath and started talking fast.

"Guysguysguys, hes not dead, hes not dead!" - Ober
"Magic is stil alive?" - Daytona
"nonono not him, Mr. God, hes still alive!" - Ober
Everyone looked shocked
"How the f*ck is he still alive???" - Ima
"Thats impossible, I saw him be blown to bits by Bullish!" - Crypto
"Wasnt him. It was some other dude wearing his uniform, Mr God knew beforehand that you're attack was coming" - Ober
"How in the bloody hell did he figure that out???" - Ima
"When we got caught by him, he thought something was up, so he had some young lookin' dude to stand in for him and ordered one of his ships to take out the bridge so that Bullish could become expendable" - Ober

"Well that explains the bridge" - Ima
"Bullish is resting and Mysterious is keeping an eye on him, wait who's this?" - Massive
"This is Ober, he's one of the two friends me and Thett were looking for before, he says that Mr God is still alive, and ordered the bridge to be rammed so that Bullish could become expendable, I think" - Ober

"Ober, wheres Magic?" - Daytona
"Magic got bit somehow, and Im not sure where he is" - Ober
"Wait, he got BIT?" - Daytona
"Yeah, when we were caught we found out he was bit, and he turned when we were locked up in some towel place on the beach. I had managed to pick the lock and escape before Magic could get me, though he got loose to when his hand fell off so now hes running around as a zombie somewhere" - Ober

"Did you happen to see Thett?" - Daytona
".... I thought he was here with you guys!" - Ober
"No man he went out looking for you and Magic on his own" - Daytona
"Wait a minute, how the hell did you find us here?" - Ima
"I saw where the tank was going and just followed it. When I lost sight of it I would just listen for the sound of it and followed that, and it led to around here" - Ober

"When you said that some young looking dude was standing in wearing Mr. God's uniform, was it Sarcastic_Indeed?" - Crypto
"That guy who was your superior? Yeah it could have been him, I didnt get a solid look but it definitely could have been him" - Ober

"Guys we have a problem!" - Mysterious said coming out of the house
"What is it now?" - Ima
"Bullish just stopped breathing, im pretty sure he's dead and about to turn...."

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3/17/2014 7:00:44 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Here is a list of the previous few episodes if you need to catch up:

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And the current Character list:

Active/Formerly active characters:

1 - Thett3 (Possibly Dead)
2 - Maikuru (Dead)
3 - Noumena (Dead)
4 - lannan13 (Dead)
5 - 16kadams (Dead)
6 - Airmax (No Longer Active)
7 - Pennington (Dead)
8 - LordKnuckle (Dead)
9 - Eitan_Zohar (Dead)
10 - RyuuKyuzo (No longer active)
11 - johnnyboy54 (Left for Dead)
12 - Smithereens (No Longer Active)
13 - DetectableNinja (No Longer Active)
14 - Cybertron (Dead)
15 - Frackjack (Dead)
16 - Drafterman (Dead)
17 - Phantom (Dead)
18 - Tvellalott (No longer active)
19 - Antidoter (Dead)
20 - DoubtingDave (Dead)
21 - Citra (Dead)
22 - Ragnar (Dead)
23 - Cermank (Dead)
24 - 1HistoryGenius (Dead)
25 - TUF (Unknown fate, no longer active)
26 - YYW (Dead)
27 - Magic8000 (Dead)
28 - OberHerr
29 - Daytona
30 - Zaradi (Dead)
31 - xXCryptoXx
32 - Sarcastic Indeed (Possibly Dead)
33 - Bullish (Possibly Dead)
34 - MassiveDump
35 - Mysterious_Stranger
36 - Imabench

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