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Manifesto of the SRWT Party

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3/17/2014 8:37:03 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I introduce to you the Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party (also known as "SRWT", pronounced as "Sort"). The main objective of this party is to sort out DDO issues in a way diametrically opposed to all what Person X ever says or dictates. Person X is determined by a private election among the members when new and important situations on DDO arise, but he can never be NiqashMotawadi3 as that would be paradoxical.


1- No rules. (I hope you see the paradox).

2- Due to the paradoxical nature of Rule 1, the second rule is to be diametrically opposed to everything Person X supports. (You must be thinking that he could support Rule 1).

3- Due to the paradoxical nature of Rule 2(if Person X supported Rule 1), there are no rules, but having "no rules" is not itself a rule but a lack thereof.


I have chosen a Person X just for experimental purposes, but will not say who that is, because it is a private matter among our members(which will appoint a new Person X shortly). Nevertheless, if for experimental purposes I choose that Person X(who I'm not going to name), we will fight against the following Myths:

Myth #1: The quality of the main-page is bad.

*I just went there and it had good topics, some of which are relevant to the current political situation in Ukraine and what have you. It also had interesting debates on display, which I often miss since I'm a "Dashboard" kinda guy.

Myth #2: The opinion section sucks.

*That is simply untrue. I could find many engaging conversations there by 18 y/o members who have reasonable arguments, but like to comment on topics as opposed to having debates on them. This is nothing more than a personal preference. I personally like debates, but obviously not all people are like me.

Myth #3: The current bug makes the website unusable.

*Not at all. It just occurs sometimes and it's not a major issue.

Myth #4: People are going to move to Edeb8 and abandon DDO.

*This is simply propaganda. Edeb8 looks promising and all, but I still find it weird and lacking in terms of user-interface and community, although it has beautiful and amazing functionalities thanks to Larz.


1- Oppose everything Person X says.

2- Proselytize Members.

3- Have a private election on a periodical basis to locate a new Person X.

4- Choose the leader of the party. (I'm not really the leader, more like the founder).

If you want to join, just send me a PM. Don't put your name in any list or anything of that sort. Acceptance is not easy. I will only choose trust-worthy members, but as a good method of deception, please give out negative remarks on this forum about this party or manifesto, so people will never suspect that you're one of us, or do not comment at all so people would think that nobody is interested.

Blessings from the Founder of the Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party (SWRT).