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Ways to make Debates more intresting?

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3/29/2014 9:21:40 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Alright, so I think I discovered the root of the problem on the lack of voting going around on DDO. I take a look at the new people debates, and they are short and sweet, and always get a vote. Then I look at debates by people like Keller and WhiteFlame and they go days without votes. It's because they are long as $hit and look like one jumbled paragraph.

I feel that whenever I make a long debate, my points just get looked over because people skim, so I started extremely simplifying my points. The ones where my points are simple I usually get plenty of votes. I've been looking for other ways to make my debates more interesting, such as music, videos, and pictures, but am still having trouble. Any ideas?
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