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Zinki's Monthly Award Goes To...

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4/5/2014 8:07:43 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This award goes for intelligent individuals who always impress this community with their intelligent remarks.

I'm going to do this on a monthly basis, but you will choose which one of those great contributors qualifies to be Sheik Zinki of the month.

*Sheik Zinki is a highly intelligent and renowned philosopher who is known for his great ancestry.

1- BornOfGod.

Has written various enlightening posts about why he dismisses the traditional Christian faith. Some of his opinions are regarded as controversial, but he has defended his conjectures and shown examples why he declares himself a saint of God. He has heavily contributed to the Religion section, and engaged in many discussions about the Gospels and the lives of Early Christians, and has also defeated vengeful atheists in debates that were directed him against him, and has generally offered the iconoclastic and skeptical side which we are grateful to have on our forums.

2- Ore-Ele

One of the best moderators of this website. He created the ELO system, and has engaged in debates with various prominent members. Always has good reasons for his moderation decisions and is not afraid to go into thorough discussions about the new moderation policy and other aspects of this website. A very serious individual that is only concerned with the betterment of DDO, and a prominent debater who has almost won all debates he has been in, and has participated in more than a hundred debate.

3- InstallGentoo.

Perhaps the number one opponent of atheism on the forums. He has offered a new ontological argument in the philosophy section, which I'm pretty sure is going to revolutionize theology as we know it. He has also used the Religion section to ask questions every disbeliever should struggle with, and has provided good rebuttals to arguments atheists have taken for granted for so long. We are grateful to share the same platform with him.

To vote for either one, simply choose one, two or three. The results will be officially announced next month(you can PM me if you want your vote to be private).
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4/5/2014 8:46:36 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I vote for InstalGentoo. Although a frequent guest on the late Weekly Stupid show and a appreciable force in the Religion forums, he never failed to show his humbleness out side of the Religion forums.