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DDO The Walking Dead Finale + End Game

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4/7/2014 6:41:58 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
"Ima I know youre kind of reckless, but this plan of yours is just borderline retarded" - Massive
"Do you have any better ideas? Its not like the tank is going to be of much use to us anyways" - Ima
"Its not the tank im worried about here" - Mysterious
"Look if we stick to the plan then itll leave Mr God wide open. Let me do my thing, then the 5 of you try to find Thett and then take out Mr God, or whichever comes first.
"You got everything you need?" - Daytona
"Yep, see you on the other side" - Ima

Ima climbed into the tank and closed the hatch behind him after Massive gave him a quick quiz of how to drive the tank. Since the tank was going to be ground zero for small arms fire and any weapons the nazi's had left, it was decided that everyone else would keep their distance from the tank and try to flank around. Ima volunteered to drive the tank since he always had a knack for bringing a sh**load of attention on himself.

The tank creaked to life for what could have been the final time and then began to roll down the street. Daytona, Massive, Mysterious, Crypto, and Ober stayed half a block behind at all times to avoid being caught in a surprise ambush. The precaution turned out to be unnecessary though, the group made their way to the entrance to the town without a hitch at all.

The tank spurred to a stop in the middle of the road into the town, Massive and everyone else took a right onto the last block before the entrance to the town and made their way down the block. The group was halfway there before Mysterious waved everyone to stop.

"OK this will be good, lets wait for the signal." - Mysterious

The signal would be the second tank blast. The first one would be to get the attention of the Nazis, and then after the open fire on the tank, Ima would slowly withdraw back into the city towards the marina in an attempt to bait the nazi's into following. Then Massive and the rest of the group would sneak behind enemy lines along the beach and try to both find Thett and take out Mr God. After that they would mop up any Nazi's still fighting or haul a** to the bridge and swim to the other side if too many of them kept fighting.

The tank fired a shot up towards the ruins of the hotel, the timer now counting down.

5 minutes went by

10 minutes went by


Then they swarmed out of the woodwork.

Judging from the sound of the gunfire, there must have been at least 20 Nazi's all peppering the tank with small arms fire. We waited until the second shot though because if we jumped the gun and ran out on the beach, we'd be stuck and also be sitting ducks.

We could see the tank backing up back into the last intersection of town before it began to turn left and retreat down the street towards the marina. the gunfire drew closer, than started to drift away. They had taken the bait.

The second shot went off.

"Thats our queue, lets go!" - Massive

We all scurried down the side of the street towards the beach, we were almost sprinting. The sound of gunfire being exchanged drifted further into the distance but we could still hear it abundantly. Imabench was spot on, once they saw the tank they would go after it in full force, potentially leaving their precious leader under-protected.

Before we knew it we had made it to the beach, the ruins of the hotel just up the shore. We again shifted into sprinting as we made our way across the beach and towards cover from other buildings and trees, ever vigilant that we might stumble upon Mr God observing the battle from a distance. He had to be close by observing it somewhere, but if he was fighting with the soldiers than the plan would be to find Thett and book it.

"Guys, over there" - Daytona
Everyone glanced to their left where Daytona motioned.
"Holy sh**, its magic8000" - Massive
"Are you sure?" - Mysterious
"Its him alright, his arm is missing and he's full zombie like when I last saw him" - Ober

A zombie Magic, attracted by the sound of the gunfire in the distance, was trudging his way through the sand towards the battle, completely oblivious to Massive and the rest of the group who were not even 20 yards away.

"Do you think if we followed its footsteps from where it came from it could lead us to Mr God?" - Daytona
"Maybe, I dunno where he went after we were chained up together" - Ober
"Hey where were you chained up? If Thett got caught he may be in the same place you and magic were" - Mysterious
"We were locked up in that white shed over there" - Ober said pointing to the remains of the towel shack in the distance.

"What should we look into first?" - Crypto
"We'll split up, Mysterious and I will keep looking for Mr God, Ober and Daytona will go check out the shed and see if Thett is there, and that leaves crypto to backtrack where the zombie came from" - Massive

"Sounds good, everyone okay with it?" - Mysterious.

Everyone nodded, and so they split up.


"F*cking hell these guys are persistent" - Imabench thought to himself. He had successfully antagonized the idiots into attacking him, and was now just baiting them to follow him until he reached the marina. Driving a tank all by yourself though with 2 dozen nazi's shooting at you isnt exactly easy though, so Ima had to focus entirely on navigating to the marina before he could even think of returning fire.

Years of experience on the Island though were starting to pay off, and he used the curvature of the road to trace his way towards the marina without having to stick his head out all the time to make sure he knew where he was going. The tank rolled steadily along the street at just the right speed to keep the Nazi's in pursuit. He kept rolling until he felt the slight drop downhill which would indicate that he had made it, and it didnt take long.

"Alright, here's where the fun begins". Ima brought the tank to a stop, set the turret to where he wanted it, and then scurried up to the upper half of the tank to fire a quick round. He had 3 rounds left, so he knew he had to make them count.

The road leading to the Marina gradually sloped around houses, which made the nazi's in pursuit have to funnel through a small opening to keep firing on the tank. This would hopefully make for some easy pickings, but sh*t can happen.

Imabench let one rip, the tank shuddered and groaned as the shell was discharged, and Imabench quickly loaded another one inside to be fired again.

First though he scrambled back down into the Drivers nest to see if he got anything. Smoke was billowing out of a house on the side of the road that was now in ruins. It wasnt a direct hit, but he probably had kicked up enough debris to kill at least a two of them. The Nazi's started pushing closer though, they realized they were sitting ducks and were hauling a** towards the tank. Some of them were only about 30 yards away.

Ima scrambled back up to the gun, adjusted the aim of it slightly so that the gun was aimed more down the middle of the road, and let another round rip. The tank jolted under the gun again, and Ima once again scrambled back down to see what he got.

He had put the tank round right smack in the middle of the road, leaving a smoldering crater and about 5 dead nazi's on the road, with several others wounded or scared sh**less. A few of them though pushed on, and those who were closest to the tank were now just about ready to climb on it.

"F*ck!" Ima forgot to empty the shell and load the last round into the chamber before going down to check if he hit anything. He once again scrambled back into the top of the tank to clear the shell out of the gun.

As he opened the hatch to let out the shell, A nazi climbed onto the tank and slid a grenade down the gun, which rolled right down the shaft of it into the tank.

Ima only saw it for a split second before the grenade detonated.

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4/7/2014 6:42:15 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
A thunderous explosion ripped through the town that didnt sound like any regular tank blast. Massive and Mysterious stopped dead in their tracks at the sound of the bang.

"That didnt sound good" - Mysterious
"No it did not" - Massive
"You think they got him?" - Mysterious
"Hopefully not, but if they did, then the clock is ticking on how much longer Mr God will be exposed, assuming he isnt already" - Massive.

The two trecked towards the hotel at a moderate pace, straining their eyes for any sign of Mr God looking otu and observing the battle. It would be night in a few more hours, and if they couldnt take out Mr God by then and find Thett, they would have to use the cover of darkness to slip away to the north and find a way to get across the bridge, even if it meant going for a bit of a swim.

They checked every building that was 3 stories or taller, but there werent that many to begin with. Of the few hotels still around, many looked completely abandoned or were caving in on themselves under the weight of time itself.

"If he's not looking out over the building, he may be on the main highway into town overlooking the battle from ground level" - Mysterious
"Looks like that may be the case, lets go check." - Massive

The two made their way through the rubble more cautiously as the sound of distant gunfire had drawn to an end and the eerie sounds of silence descended back over the town. Massive and Mysterious made their way through rubble and shrubs before they made their way to the main road.

"Any sign of them?" - Mysterious asked
"I see him, hes in the middle of the road" - Massive

Mr God was standing in the road atop a pile of rubble, observing the battle from a distance. About 3 other Nazi' guards stood besides him or nearby, all of which were facing South towards the battle.

"Are you sure its him?" - Mysterious
"Im pretty sure, if it isnt its someone important. Lets get a closer look."

Massive and Mysterious hugged against the building and maneuvered their way towards the target, taking advantage of rubble and overgrowth to stay concealed. They were not even 10 yards away before they finally came to a stop

"I have no doubt, its him" - Massive
"Are you sure?" - Mysterious
"Bullish described him pretty well to me before he left, and this guy matches the description perfectly" - Massive

"Shall I take out the guards and you take out Mr God then?" - Mysterious
"No, lets both aim for Mr God to make sure we kill this f*cker. The guards should be startled enough to stay with their dear leader rather than pursue us, though we could probably kill them too since we have the element of surprise" - Massive

"But aim for Mr God first right?" - Mysterious
"On the count of 3"

Massive and Mysterious both aimed their guns at Mr God. Massive held a rifle, Mysterious a pistol.


Mr God moved a bit, slightly enough that a headshot aimed at where he was standing just a split second ago would have just missed.


Mr God turned around to say something to his guard, again where a headshot just moments ago would have instead whizzed by his head.


Massive got off three shots, starting from the chest and working his way up to the head. Mysterious got off 5 shots, not with any particular part of the body as a target in particular, just towards where he was standing.

4 spurts of blood shot out from Mr God before his head blew into a hundred pieces, and he fell to the ground to the horror of the guards.

"Now the guards!" - Massive shouted.

Both of them still concealed, proceeded on picking off the guards who were shocked at Mr God's death and with no idea where the gunfire was coming from at first. By the time they saw Massive and mysterious though, each of them were shot dead.

"I think we got him!" - Mysterious
"F*ck yeah we got him, come on we gotta go find the others now" - Massive

They scrambled off towards the beach where the group split up.


Crypto wasnt having any luck tracking where the zombie came from. All the shade from shrubs and trees made it hard as f*ck to spot any kind of blood stain or footprint where the zombie came from. At this point Crypto was just wandering around looking for anything interesting.

Then he spotted something, on a worn out pavement from what used to be the hotel, Crypto saw dust and sand that had been displaced along a line that looked like as if someone carelessly dragged their feet through it. Guessing it was where the zombie, Crypto followed the foot prints through the wreckage that used to be the hotel the Nazi's were based in, slowly but surely the winding path led back towards the beach.


Ober and Daytona very slowly made their way up the beach towards the towel shack.

"If Thett is in there, wouldnt it be more heavily guarded?" - Daytona
"Yeah, but not out in the open. When me and Magic were in there, the guards would stay up towards the shrubs so that if someone tried to come rescue us they could ambush them the second they arrived at the shack." - Ober

"So then how do we get him assuming he's in there?" - Daytona
"Just follow me" - Ober

Ober then led Daytona directly into a thicket of overgrown plants and weeds. Grass and leaves buckled under their feet as they trudged through it all. A slight gust though kept them covered as palm fronts from palm trees rattled against each other. For about 10 minutes they casually but still somewhat noticeably made their way through the shrubs until small pockets of light began to emerge on the other side, indicating the clearing where the guards would be if they were there.

"Ill go first and clear out any in the middle and the left, you stay right behind me and cover the right" - Ober
"Got it" - Daytona






The two sprung out of the shrubs, the place was deserted. No sign of life anywhere.

"No one is here" - Daytona
"I guess not, go check the towel shack real quick though and see if you see anything, Ill stay behind and keep watch" - Ober

Daytona scurried off. Ober crouched next to a fallen tree and glanced around the former hotel, right when Crypto poked his head out on the other side of the clearing.

Ober waved and got Crypto's attention, and he motioned for Crypto to come over.

"Hey man, any luck?" - Crypto
"Nah, looks deserted. What about you?" - Ober
"I was following what might have been zombie Magic but I didnt find anything useful"

"Guys, get over here" - Daytona said in the distance.

Ober and Crypto walked over to Daytona, who was sanding still at the entrance of the towel shack looking on the ground.

"Whats up?" - Ober. He looked inside.

Chained to the fence, sitting in a pool of now dried blood mixed with sand, lied Thett. His eyes had grown bloodshot, his head swayed, and he was panting very slowly. His skin already looked cracked and deteriorating.

"F*ck, hes a zombie" - Ober

Thett looked up, droll sliding down his mouth. He made a crude grab towards Daytona but barely had any energy.

"From the looks of it someone shot him in the stomach and just left him here" - Crypto
"God dammit." - Daytona
"I wonder why he ran off in the first place" - Ober

They all looked at what was left at Thett, who still struggled to make any kind of movement or even an intimidating grunt.

"We cant leave him like this" - Daytona
"I guess not" - Crypto
"Well..... Who wants to do it?" - Ober
"I knew him the longest, Ill do it." - Daytona.

Crypto and Ober stood back as Daytona stood at Thetts feet.

"You dont have to do this you know" - Ober
"Yes I do." - Daytona

He raised the gun.

"Another one bites the dust"

The gun went off, and Thett was finally at peace.

"Alright lets go, im sick of this f*cking island anyways" - Ober

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4/7/2014 6:42:31 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
End Game / Final Fates of all the remaining characters in the series.

MassiveDump + Crypto = Stayed back to fight the returning Nazi's so that Daytona, Ober, and Mysterious could escape. Massive and Crypto both had to be shot multiple times before they went down, but they had succeeded in killing just about every last Nazi, allowing Daytona, Ober, and Mysterious to escape. The three made it to Miami and held out for several months due to the sacrifice from Massive and Crypto

Mysterious Stranger = Killed in an ambush by a gang who was hell-bent on taking over the city of Miami just to claim ownership over it. Daytona and Ober fled north to escape, and succeeded in doing so, meeting other survivors in the process.

Daytona and Ober = When their latest group was attacked by Reapers, Daytona and Ober tried to fight them so that the rest of the group could get away, and while they did get away successfully, both Ober and Daytona suffered mortal wounds. Ober died from his injuries almost immediately, Daytona perished a week later.

Ryuu and Tvellelott = After surviving the invasion and subsequent exit of the Nazi's in their Island, the father son duo lived off what little was left on the Island for several months before Tvellalott perished from old age. When supplies began to run low, Ryuu tried to make a boat to sail to Florida, but perished at sea when a bad storm rolled in.

Smithereens + DetectableNinja = After opting or being forced to stay behind after the rest of the group boarded the plane for the Bahamas, the two tagged along with Airmax and followed wherever they went. Both survived for a couple of years each, though both would end up dying in isolated attacks by zombies after being bitten.

Airmax = Made his way through southern Florida picking houses before being forced into the Everglades by zombies. Airmax survived off the land for a long time as he casually made his way northward before coming across an Indian Casino that housed several other survivors, who welcomed them in. Their isolation from people in the Everglades allowed the group to develop farmland and live in peace with deaths happening very rarely. Airmax eventually died of old age but did not turn into a zombie upon his death.

Humanity = Cities were the centers of destruction or long periods of time with no government able to keep any of them safe for longer than a few weeks. Humanity survived the best in parts of the Bahamas, A couple Islands in Northern Europe, and on Islands all over Polynesia. The most remarkable success story came from the Hawaiian Islands, with the smaller Islands almost immediately regaining control over the zombie apocalypse and maintaining a still civilized society. After several decades, people stopped turning into zombies upon death for reasons that would never quite be understood, and after several centuries many of the islands where humanity did survive would go out to recolonize the continents.

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4/7/2014 6:51:00 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Here's a list of all the episodes in the series for those who want to go through all of them from the beginning or just want to hang on to them:

Season 1 summary (includes links to all the other episodes in season 1):

Season 2 summary (Also includes links to all episodes in season 2):

Season 3 summary + links from all episodes from season 3):

Season 4:

Ep 30 =
Ep 31 =
Ep 32 =
Ep 33 =
Ep 34 =
Ep 35 =
Ep 36 =
Ep 37 =
Ep 38 - Series Finale - This thread

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4/7/2014 6:52:35 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Love seeing that 80's movie style personal conclusion for each character.
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4/7/2014 6:58:17 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 4/7/2014 6:52:35 PM, Ragnar wrote:
Love seeing that 80's movie style personal conclusion for each character.

I thought some people would appreciate it ;D

Also unrelated: To anyone who followed the series, I made a poll asking if your content with how the series ended because as some of you know, the show "How I Met Your Mother" had its series finale to and the end caused an absolute sh*tstorm from fans. So im curious to know if I did a half decent job wrapping up this series, so vote on the poll below <3

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4/7/2014 7:13:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I really liked this ending. I'm happy I survived the longest of any who were in the series, being followed, by the final episode. I lived a good story life
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4/7/2014 11:03:30 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 4/7/2014 10:34:54 PM, NightofTheLivingCats wrote:
What is the nature of the zombie virus?

I have no f*cking idea.

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4/7/2014 11:04:28 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I, too, cried
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: thett was right
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4/7/2014 11:06:37 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Ima... Go out with style. Go out on 14,000 forum posts on the mark.
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