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DDO Monthly Debating League

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5/17/2014 5:12:05 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is an interesting idea I've seen used on sites outside of DDO, and I think it could potentially work here as well.

Here is, essentially, how this will work. After signing up, you should challenge as few or as many other members also on the list. Thereafter, post your results in this thread and, over time, we'll record a point system that will work something like this:

Win: 3 Points
Tie: 2 Points
Loss: 1 Point (if anything, to encourage participation)

We could even factor in team debates, as well, either through Google Hangouts, Google Docs (both debaters create a Google Doc, and post their materials into a one- or two-round debate for voters to evaluate), and points will be divvied out in the same way.

Other than simply debating, though, it's also possible to earn points by voting. The point system will likely be something to the effect of 1 point per vote, with a maximum of 5 points per day. Note that spamming votes, or voting without a substantial RFD as determined by the will of the majority -- that is, bring forward a suspicious vote in this thread, and we'll move forward from there -- will result in either a nullification of any net gain in points, or even a reduction.

To ensure that there isn't any cheating, troll debates, mass-voting, etc., I think it may be pertinent to add another incentive to this. Sometimes it may seem taboo to bring forward someone who you think has broken the rules. Here's the catch, though: I want to encourage it. This isn't because I believe people are by nature bad (though someone should totally challenge me to a debate on that), but because I acknowledge that it happens. So, if someone brings forward a claim against someone else and can provide any evidence whatsoever -- you may even want to PM this to me initially -- he or she will earn 2 points, provided that the accusation isn't suspicious or contrived. If the accusation is proven correct, either by a preponderence of evidence or a vote by the majority, the person or persons who brought forward the claim will also earn a number of points equal to what the perpetrator has lost (that is, the number of points lost will be divided by the number of people who brought forward the claim, and equally dolled out).

At the end of every month -- so, because we're not starting at the first of June (unless people want to, I suppose), this will end in about 30 days from now -- the person with the most points will be declared the winner. If we have a tie, the two (or more) debaters will square off against one another for the title. The goal, I think, will be to post a new topic each month.

My intention for launching this is to hold tournament-style debates in a more casual context in lieu of the typical single elimination. It's actually possible to win, for instance, even after having lost several times. The strategy involved in leveraging activity with quality will be a large factor in determining the winner.

So, sign-ups will begin here, but are open at all times and I'll continue to update the list every few days.

If you'd like to sign-up, please quote the bottom portion of this post and add your name.

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