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The Celestial Egg - Bluesteel [2 of 2] [Ep5]

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5/23/2014 8:26:27 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Previous episode:

The hammering rain outside suddenly stopped as if the clouds were all watching what was going on, while the half-covered sun sent some warmth to the orphanage like a mother treating an infant who had caught some cold, but other than that the nearby streets stood indifferently to what was happening inside.

The children and the workers of the orphanage had heard the gunshot and ran toward the bathroom, but they all stood there afraid to come in, looking at each other as if one of them was to blame for what had happened.

The running water soon flooded the bathtub, spilling bloody water unto the black tiles of the bathroom's floor and forming a pinkish puddle that slowly expanded in circumference. Bluesteel's head rested between the tiled wall and the bathtub's bottom edge, his left arm resting beneath the murky water on the white porcelain, while the black revolver drowned beneath his right arm.


In a bathroom eternities away from the Milky Way, the Emperor of the universe stood idly peering at his reflection in the mirror with a mixed sense of amusement and distaste that was sometimes interrupted with a funny face he would make for no reason at all. The bathroom's window stood facing the three distant suns which were drawing solar flares in the orange sky and releasing their scorching heat against the looming towers.

"Sir?" the butler spoke, "I wish you stop those eggs. They're immoral.."

The Emperor interrupted with a heavy sigh. "Morality is a phlogiston discourse, Plitiorth."

"What is phlogiston?" the butler asked curiously leaning forward towards the Emperor.

"Our ancestors thought that fire was possible because phlogiston escaped the material being burned. When oxygen was discovered, they said that phlogiston was oxygen , and when oxygen was shown not to escape things, some of them said that phlogiston didn't necessarily have to escape things. That is to say, plogiston was just a flawed concept that was always brought to life through new constraints and definitions, although it should have been entirely dismissed."

"That's an interesting concept" the butler concurred.

"Indeed" shouted the emperor angrily.

The butler feeling intimidated, nodded his head curtly and held a towel to dry the Emperor's face.

"Besides, Plitiorth. Most of our progress these days is because of those ancient machines" the Emperor concluded trying to sound calm.


Voice 1 and Voice 2 were sitting peacefully in the celestial egg's hidden chamber, waiting for Bluesteel to arrive. Voice 2 was still reading The Orange Book, which he should have read five or six eternities ago, if not for his procrastination, while Voice 1 was staring blankly at the room's walls although he was supposed to be monitoring the screen-readings.

"What is it Voice 1?" asked Voice 2 in concerned tone. "Are you feeling okay?"

Voice 1 looked back worried pointing at the numbers on the green screen. "The odds are not with us on the next one, Shibboleth. We need to be careful."

"Well," Voice 2 remarked. "The screen readings indicate that he is going to be very late."

"Your point?" shot back Voice 1 in a slightly provoked manner.

"Well, I was... uhm, wondering, about the secret operations' game which the Orange book alludes to on page 00000221?"

Voice1 took a moment and responded. "It's only the insignificant things which attract your attention..."

Voice 2 smiled.

"In the recent past, the workers of the celestial eggs used to select a number of workers to play a rather amusing game where each player would posses an infant's body on Planet 212020101 until that human eventually died. They were split into two teams, Team White and Team Black, and the aim was to get a large number of humans supporting each player in an indefinite time-frame that could extend thousands of years after his death, but the game was against the Universal Rules of Afterlife Management Lv.2 and so the Orange Book later defined sanctions for any employees involved in such games."

Voice 1 continued, "The game was played in historic turns or phases, and so each turn was about 200 to 1000 years on Planet 212020101, which meant that the workers were okay with having a few of them absent during that time to play this game, but each had to chose from the beginning which team he or she supported, and so sometimes the teams were just composed of a single player in a certain round because of the work shifts, and at most reached five members when there were many workers around to cover the shifts. Needless to say, the players most of the time did not play simultaneously but chose infants in different generations."

Voice 1 waited for Voice 2 to ask a question, knowing exactly what he was about to ask. Spending too much time together made the latter very predictable.

"Who did the Team White members posses in the first historic age?" asked Voice 2.

"Adam the Partial, Hermes, Idrees, Shatneel the Eleventh and Oneil the Preacher." responded Voice 1.

"And the Team Black members?"

"Ezreel, Harat, Hibal, Qabeel and Prophet Noah."

"What about the next historic age?"

"Team White were Prophet Howd and Prophet Saleh, whereas Team Black were Abraham son of Azer and Prophet Ishmael."

"What about the next?" asked Voice 2 automatically.

"Team White were Israfeel and Ezreel the second, whereas Team Black where Moses son of Omran and Youshen son of Noon."

"What about the next?"

"Team White were Sheib, Solomon son of David, Pythagoras and Diogenes. Team black failed to have any actual member at that time because of an unexpected infanticide that killed their only member three days after he possessed the infant."

"What about the next?"

"Team White were the second Christ and the Girgani Saint. Team Black were the first Christ and a man called Shamoun Al-Safi."

"What about the next?"

"Team White were Salman the Pharisee, Al-Mikdad, Abazaar Al-Guivari and Rafae son of Maadoun Al-Bukhashi. Team Black were Mohammad Son of Abdullah, Ali son of Abi Taleb and Abrahat Al-Eshram."

Voice 2 wanted to repeat his question, but the awaited explosion interrupted him, bringing into their perspective a shadowy figure standing behind the iridescent dust that was now spreading around the whole room.

Voice 1 cleared his throat. "Mr. Bluesteel...."

Bluesteel walked confidently towards the hidden chamber as if he could see the two voices with his cognitive vision. "I have to make a wish or else I'd disintegrate" replied Bluesteel sardonically.

Voice 1 and Voice 2 looked at each other frightfully unable to speak for a few seconds, until Voice 2 managed to say "How... How... Do you know that?"

Bluesteel laughed. "That doesn't matter. I just want to go back to another miserable life, and no, that's not a wish. I know what your so-called 'wishes' are for."

Voice 1, "But it's against the rules. You should know that and leave this place immediately. Pirating human souls will damage our experimental results."

"ENOUGH" bellowed Bluesteel. "I give no damn about your Emperor's rules and experiments! Now take me back or else..."

Voice 1 looked at Voice 2, and both nodded to each other, while Voice 2 typed on the number-pad on the control-panel. It was more reasonable if they didn't personally mess with him, but they would report such incident to the Emperor, they thought to themselves.

The celestial egg released various gases unto the room, while light orbs danced around the floor bouncing against Bluesteel's body and the atmosphere within the celestial egg soon spiraled into a tunnel pathway which then evolved into a square-spiral that appeared mathematically exotic for a few moments, before a loud explosion scattered the released gases taking Bluesteel to another miserable life.