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Star Debate Season 1 E3 p3: A New Empire

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5/24/2014 3:54:37 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Now, the moment a select few of you have been waiting for. I've come back a day earlier than expected. But fortunately for you guys, I was already writing my next parts, and I am able to post a new episode.

Quick clarification right here: I forgot to post a picture of Massive Dump's ship in the last part. So here it is:

Just ignore the part about that being the Thunderchild. It's the same class so it looks the same.

If any of you really wanna see what the ships are that are being named, just include that in any comment you feel like leaving and I'll put up a picture as my first post in the next part I write. Or you can use google. But I don't wanna make anyone go searching the internet for pictures when I could provide the ones you wanna see.

Anyway, here's part 2:

And here's the story:

"I can lead a group of Starfleet ships alongside the Klingons to challenge the battleships," Massive Dump said. "The Marquis can do anything they can to fight small fighters."

"Will there be any Defiant class starships there?" Airmax asked. Those were smaller ships well suited for close quarters combat. "It would be helpful to have them leading the Marquis."

"I was able to get ten of them," TUF responded.

"The others are too far," Cody added. "The Defiant won"t be here unless they can convince the Dominion to help us."

"Is that even a good idea?" Massive asked. "What"s to say they won"t try to infiltrate us and bring us down?"

"They hate us, but they"re not unintelligent. They"ll see the value in being an ally for this battle."

"Sir," the first officer came through the doors. It was Ore Ele. He and Airmax were both under TUF on their last assignment. Ore Ele had gotten up to first commander under Captain Cody Franklin. "The Klingons are here and they"re wanting to know where the planning is."

"Tell them to send two men to our transport room, and we"ll take them to the conference room," Cody answered.

"I"ll have them here in a minute. Also, the Romulans responded." He paused then continued, "They"re on their way."

TUF let out a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you Commander."

Ore Ele left to get them. It was expected now that the Bajorans and Cardassians would be here soon. They weren"t too far away. The Bajorans were being transported by Starfleet ships, but they"d probably be the representative from Starfleet to join. After that the seats would be open to anyone not in Starfleet.

"Where will the Romulans and the Cardassians fit in?" Airmax asked. "How many ships will it take to bring down the fleet eater?"

"I don"t know, but I say we have the Romulans and Cardassians firing at it," TUF answered rubbing his chin. He tapped his badge and said, "Ore Ele, how many Klingon ships are here, and how many ships are the Romulans sending?"

"There are 150 Klingon Birds of Prey, and the Romulans said they"re sending 50 Warbirds," he answered.

"That"s a little stingy," Massive said in reference to the Romulans.

"They"re not known for their exceeding generosity," Airmax responded with a chuckle. "They"re coming though. That"s important."

The doors slid open and two Klingon captains walked in. The two Starfleet officers that showed them in turned around and walked away.

"Welcome," TUF said with a warm smile. "I"m admiral TUF. These men are Captains Cody Franklin, Airmax, and Massive Dump."

"I am Captain Skor," one of the Klingons said.

The other puffed out his chest and said, "And I am Captain Mar."

"Good, now we"ve been planning based on the way we know their fleet always works," TUF said. "They send the Fleet Eater in first, and the rest of the ships will fly around it in a pattern to match the best way to attack the fleet."

The Klingons smiled then Massive Dump jumped from his seat and said, "What if we have the Klingons and Romulans cloaked until the other ships start coming around to attack the fleet. The Klingons can come and attack from the back while I lead a group of Starfleet ships from the front, and we can devastate their fleet before they have any way time to readjust."

"I like the way this one things," Skor said with a laugh. "A warrior." Massive Dump took a bow and laughed at that.

"Great, then we can have the rest of the available ships firing at the Fleet Eater,"
Airmax said. "It doesn"t seem like we need to plan anymore except to figure out our formations.

"Well, considering the idea Captain Dump had, we can also have the Romulans cloaked before they fire at the Fleet Eater."

"The Romulans are coming?" Mar asked seeming offended. "They have no honor."

Cody was only taken back for a second. He came back though, "They may be not have honor in their regular dealings, but right now they are fighting alongside us for an honorably cause. They have at least some honor."

"I do not trust that they will fight with us," Mar continued.

Cody slammed his hand into Mar"s shoulder and held it. Cody was a big man. It looked like he could fight a bear with just his hands. Fortunately the Klingons saw Cody"s gesture as a sign of strength and not disrespect. They respected strength as long as it was used honorably.

"But I trust that you will fight honorably," Cody said staring down at the Klingon. "And I trust you will only fight the Herok. The Romulans are only sending 50 Warbirds. If they try to attack us, they will lose."

Mar backed down and crossed his arms. Cody must have dealt with Klingons a few times in the past. It did help that he was a tough looking guy, but he did speak well to them.

"How long will it be before the Herok get here?" Airmax asked.

"At their present speed, we estimate they"ll be here at 1400 hours tomorrow," TUF responded quickly. "Romulans will be here just hours before then. The Cardassians and Bajorans should be here within the hour."

"What are the Bajorans coming for if they"re using Starfleet ships?" Massive Dump asked.

"We needed more crew for Runabouts," Cody said. "Marquis fighters aren"t the only small ships we"re going to have. The Bajorans volunteered actually. Word got to Deep Space 9 what was happening, and immediately Bajor lit up with people wanting to help fight."

Mar laughed a little bit and Massive asked, "What"s funny?"

"I like it," Mar replied with a smile. "They"re ready to fight. We have men of honor joining our fleet."
"Sir," Blade asked Mike, "can I look at the specs on the Herok?"

Mike grabbed his tablet, sent him the file and said, "Knock yourself out."

"Do you think we"re gonna get out of this alive?" Mikal asked. "A lot of people depend on us holding together and defeating the Herok."

"I can"t speak for our ship alone, but I"m confident we"ll be able to take down the Herok."

"Who"s coming?" Endarkened asked. "I mean, like what planets and empires are sending people for the fleet?"

"Last I checked, the Klingons, Bajorans, Marquis, and Cardassians are all sending some people to help us."

"The Klingons are here," Linkish said. "They brought 150 Birds of Prey."

"Wasn"t the message sent out to a few other people?" Endarkened asked probably having specific people in mind.

"Yeah, the message went out to everyone in the quadrant that we can communicate with, and the Defiant took the wormhole to the Delta Quadrant to see if they could get the Dominion to fight with us."

"Sir, the Torch is hailing us," Linkish said. "They say they have an update concerning the state of the fleet."

"On screen," Mike said turning to look.

There stood a man who looked so close to Classic Robert he might"ve mistaken him for Classic had he not been on the Torch. Then he spoke.

"Hello, this is Commander Classic Robert," h
[Censored by Airmax]

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5/24/2014 6:10:29 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
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5/24/2014 6:56:19 PM
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At 5/24/2014 6:08:36 PM, EndarkenedRationalist wrote:

Let all tremble.
[Censored by Airmax]

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It's a great series... some say

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