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Bullish Answers Campaign Questions, part 1

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6/4/2014 8:20:45 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
As promised, but 1 day late.

Part 2 coming tomorrow.

You can also ask me any questions about my campaign in this thread!

The rough transcript is posted below:
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6/4/2014 8:23:08 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
["Bullish for President scene]

"Hello, my name is Bullish and I am running for the office of President of in the June 2014 elections. This video, or audio, is part 1 of my answers to some of the common questions our users have had for previous candidates. Part 1 will focus on questions asked in the Larz"s "townhall" style meeting."

(These questions are paraphrased and may not fully reflect the original questions.)

Larz"s Townhall questions

1. TUF: What do you plan to do community-building wise?

-Like I mentioned in my candidacy announcement thread, plank one of my platform is to increase community outreach on an unprecedented level. The DDO community is unique from that of many other forums that are based on other services: DDO fundamental nature is to engage in discussion and debate, in and of itself, but it has grown to such a large size that it will no longer be a small town where everyone knows everyone else. And that is why we need community outreach programs.

Slightly more specifically, I want an adopt-a-noob-like program to show new people around the debates section, learn proper debate structure, and introduce them to the community and such. I want a voting committee that can dedicate itself to placing quality votes on at least a few debates a day " and hopefully create a culture where good RDFs are much more prized. I want regular tournaments " as in at least once a month " that will both provide quality debates and engage users.

I believe that all of this is not just blowing smoke; it can be done. The example I"ve shown is the enormous success that we"ve had with the Mafia University/Beginner series (which I was a part of). The Mafia model is translatable to all these other community outreach programs. For example, we could mix a group of noobs with a smaller group of experienced members. The experienced members can converse in PM with the noobs about any questions, and encourage them to participate in a positive fashion.

2. TUF: What do you think is the biggest weakness in DDO at the moment, and how do you plan to fix it?

-I believe that the biggest problem with DDO right now is user sentiment. In past elections, presidential questions have always been more along the lines of "what will you lobby Juggle to implement on DDO?" but recently, there have been valid concerns about the state that DDO is in and the direction that it is going. I don"t believe that the biggest problem is, say, only the lack of voting, or only the quality of the polls. I believe that DDO is experiencing a much wider problem than just those individual issues. Yes, those issues are problems, but the problem is caused by how fast DDO has grown in the past year (2-3 fold member-wise, if I see the data correctly), and the DDO community"s inability to deal with the influx of new members who do not have the same standards as our old members.

My plan to attack this is multi-fold and multi-step. First, we have to carry out the community outreach programs (voting, new member engagement, and regular tournaments) mentioned above in order to engage contributive members and increase debating quality; of the above, I believe that tournaments will be the easiest to implement and most efficient at helping DDO. Second, we need a more systematic and common moderation system in order to decrease the inadvertent exclusiveness and personal-relationships that new/kind of established members are seeing.

3. ???: One of your platform points was a more transparent and codified moderation policy. Can you give a concrete example of how exactly you would do that? (this was directed toward blade, but I have a similar plank in my platform.)

-Yes. I suppose I can be very specific and quote the Terms of Use. Currently, other than obvious bans of posting obscenities and bot spamming, DDO official policy has a mere four lines regarding language use:

No use of profanities or swear words.
No personal attacks against other members or a member's opinions.
No use of racial, sexual or religious slurs.
No threats or implications thereof.

And here is a similar conduct policy from the Yahoo-Answers Community Guidelines:
This policy is much more comprehensive. Moreover, it doesn"t include overly-strict language on "personal attacks".
Profanities can be filtered by the forum. The word "@$$" is censored, yet "f**k" is not? I think simply censoring these words will alleviate Juggle of most of the legal issues surrounding profanities.

4. TUF: what do you think distinguishes you as a candidate?

-Well, there"s nothing much I can say. Even though it is the case that whatever stats I have, bladerunner out-sizes me by about 200%, when it comes to the issue of devotion to represent and lead DDO and how to deal with Juggle, I think we can be easily matched when it comes down to the essentials. My platform is also more detailed than blade"s at the smaller levels. You can see the differences between our platforms " I have a broader view " and I suppose that"s what makes me stand out.

5. TUF: what is your opinion on bladerunner"s claim that all debates will be voted on during his presidency, and how realistic do you think it is?

-I personally think this is an ambitious but achievable promise, and I don"t see any reason to oppose it, other than the fact that some debates do not deserve votes anyway, but blade already mentioned that. But ultimately, it is futile if bladerunner decides to do it alone. As president, the power to motivate the entire community is much more important than a personal promise. I"m not saying the blade can"t move the community " the community probably trusts him more than they do me.

"thank you for listening."