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Fanfic award predictions!

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6/12/2014 6:04:54 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Post your predictions here! The awards will be handed out starting somewhere around 7:30 PM ET. Here are my predictions:

Now that the final field is set, I will post my useless predictions on who I bet will win each award:

Best Fan Fiction - Overall
Daytona's pick: 'Once Upon a DDO' by EndarkenedRationalist
This one was a tough one. It was a real toss-up between this and Star Debate. All of these fanfictions are of good quality, but these two received the most acclaim. I see Once Upon a DDO winning this category, since so many members have professed their love for it, and hell, Imabench loves it

Best Fan Fiction - Science Fiction/Fantasy
Daytona's pick: 'Star Debate' by Jonbonbon
You all are probably thinking 'Wait, didn't Once Upon a DDO take best overall?' Well, yes, it did, but Star Debate is so intricately detailed, that I personally see it being the king of a category obsessed with detail, and will take home this prize.

Best Fan Fiction - Politics
Daytona's pick: 'DDO House of Cards' by Daytonanerd (Concept and Ep. 1 by Imabench)
This is not an egotistical move, I SWEAR. I see this one winning this category over 'Pennsylvania Ave.' solely because DDO HOC pretty much focuses on just politics, while Penn Ave. is a Romantic Political Drama. I just see HOC having the edge because of that.

Best Fan Fiction - Miscellaneous Genres
Daytona's Pick: ?
I honestly don't know what will qualify for this category, if anything, so I'm not fit to pick a winner here.

Best Plotline
Daytona's Pick: 'Star Debate' by Jonbonbon
Though Once Upon a DDO has an excellent plotline, I see Star Debate winning because, well, what can I say? Jon spared no expense in detail, and that helps him in this category.

Best Character Development
Daytona's Pick: 'Star Debate' by Jonbonbon
This is another area where details come in handy, and when it comes to details, well... His characters definitely have good development in the series.

Best Lead Character
Daytona's Pick: Seventhprofessor from 'DDO House of Cards' by Daytonanerd(Concept and Ep. 1 by Imabench)
Yet, another one that I predict will head towards mine. Why? This fanfic, from what I can tell, is the only one in a first person prospective(Edit: Penn Ave. is also in a FP perspective, but a lot of focus is on Bsh1 instead of YYW), and, as such, we gain great insights into our main character, Seventh, so I see the politically incorrect politician taking the cake.

Best Supporting Character
Daytona's Pick: The crew of the USS Enforcer from 'Star Debate' by Jonbonbon
I know that this award is supposed to go to a sole character, but I mean, really, this should be an ensemble win for the crew of the USS Enforcer.

Best Romance
Daytona's Pick: YYW and Bsh1 from 'Towards Pennsylvania Ave.' by YYW
This is the only one that I am 100% sure about. This is the romance that deserves to win, and is going to win.

Best Setting
Daytona's Pick: 'Once Upon a DDO' by Endarkenedrationalist
I mean, this is a world where DDO is a kingdom, and there is a rival kingdom and..! It is just a really awesome setting.

Most Addictive
Daytona's Pick: Any one of these three: 'Towards Pennsylvania Ave.' by YYW, 'Once Upon a DDO' by Endarkendedrationalist, or 'Star Debate' by Jonbonbon
This was a very difficult one to try and pick. I couldn't come up with a clear winner, so I'll just put it as a toss-up.

Most Hilarious
Daytona's Pick: 'DDO House of Cards' by Daytonanerd (Ep. 1 by Imabench)
I mean, definitely an ego pick on this one, but come on. Imabench wrote the first episode, and I go out of my way to make it a kind of comedy as well. THIS was definitely an ego pick from me. Sorry for ruining the legitimacy of this.

Most Action-packed
Daytona's Pick: 'Star Debate' by Jonbonbon

Most Interesting Premise
Daytona's Pick: 'The Celestial Egg' by NiqashMotawadi
The premise for this is really intriguing, After people die, their spirit goes inside a 'Celestial Egg', in which 2 beings grant the spirit one wish for a new life, only for the next life of that spirit to die a horrible death. I really love this premise.
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6/12/2014 6:14:08 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 6/12/2014 6:12:48 PM, daytonanerd wrote:
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Didn't bsh tell you not to make another thread? :P
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I care about how to solve problems,
which is what everyone else should also care about.

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