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DDO should have an electronic speaker...

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6/21/2014 12:30:24 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
that reads each debate.

I am bringing this up because I myself am not the best reader, but a better listener.

P1: Therefore if DDO had an electronic speaker to read each debate, it would help
increase the quality and quantity of votes.

Example: If DDO had a electronic speaker to add a voice to each debate,
I would be able to jot down notes from each case made
or in other words from each main
point made by both debaters. Furthermore,
jot down the sources in which they used to defend their premise.
Plus their explanations.

P2: This being said I'd be able to make a better decision on who made the more
convincing arguments.

P3: This in return would mean more people like me who have trouble reading long
walls of text and are better at judging live debates, would be able to
experience the same effects from a live debate. Meaning a voice
reading aloud the debates, just as a speaker would voice his thoughts,
opinions, and reasons for believing what the speaker does about the
specific topic.

P4: People would have to spend less time judging if there was an application such as
what I have noted above. Therefore, people would spend less time judging
debates, while at the same time giving quality votes. This then would be a great
benefit to DDO as well as the DDO users who use this application.

What do you all think? Give your thoughts and opinions.