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7/24/2014 8:00:29 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 7/24/2014 7:55:48 PM, PotBelliedGeek wrote:

Hi pots! I'm hoping today I'll finally be able to join. I haven't been able to the last few days.
Better than deserved, as ALWAYS.
"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choices."
"The Lord doesn't promise us a perfect life that is free of problems, but he does promise that He'll get us through anything." ~SweeTea
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"If Jesus isn't in heaven, then it's not heaven; instead, it's hell." ~anonymous
"Suffering is unimaginably confusing, but it's a way to be drawn closer to God" ~Me
"Tell me what consumes your heart most, and I'll tell you who your God is." ~Dad
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7/25/2014 9:11:23 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
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If the sky's the limit then why do we have footprints on the Moon? I'm shooting my aspirations for the stars.

"If you are going through hell, keep going." "Sir Winston Churchill

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"Sometimes it is hell, trying to get to heaven."- Undertaker