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Tempted to leave this site...

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8/7/2014 1:17:07 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
There are too many idiots here.

People try to discuss science... but don't understand science or the scientific method.

People try to discuss history... but don't understand history or the historical-critical method.

People claim objectivity.... but site biased sources.

Ken Ham and other apologetics are not reliable sources for science. Evolution has not been disproven by them, get over it. They are good sources for what the Bible says (sometimes).

Danniel B. Wallace is not a reliable source when it comes to authorship of the New Testament. The books were written at a later date, get over it. He is a reliable source when studying Koine Greek grammar.

One way to find out if a source is credible is to (objectively) look at how they work.

If they form a conclusion and look for the support, they aren't credible. If they form a hypothesis and test it (in science) or look at the evidence and follow it, they have the potential of being credible sources.