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Warped: A DDO Chronicle Chapter 3

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9/28/2014 10:42:11 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
A/N: Thanks for the support I"m getting so far! To be honest, I wasn"t expecting it to be that big of a success, not that I"m complaining. :3 This chapter contains a lot of characters, and some of them didn"t sign up. If you didn"t sign up here, suck it up (:P), or you can sign up here if you want: Anyway, I"ve been having a huge explosion of ideas today, so this chapter took longer than I thought, but it was worth it. Hope you enjoy the third chapter of Warped!

Previous Chapter:

Chapter 3: October 1st, 2014

The table in the middle were the only ones making any noise in the whole bar.

Of course, he didn"t mean it literally, occasionally catching wisps of murmurings and sighs, but they were certainly the most rambunctious ones, talking loudly, and laughing maniacally, with the occasional slam of a flagon or a crude curse. He, of course, was no exception.

It was one week after they were trapped in this world, and surprisingly, he"d taken a liking to it, more than he would have preferred it to be. Perhaps that was just his inner nerdiness, but it was better than he expected. He remembered the aftermath of the holograph announcement one week ago, once things had started to calm down.

Once he and YYW finally escaped the crowd blocking the gates, albeit with some shoving and squirming, he heard a ringtone coming from his right pocket. That didn"t sound like his regular phone, but he pulled it out to reveal the display of the name ESocialBookworm on the screen.

YYW started. "Oh, I"ve almost forgotten about the phones," and pulled out his own.

He"d almost forgotten about her, after only thinking and worrying to death about YYW for the past hour, and quickly tapped the ANSWER button.

"Hey, Annie, what"s up?"

"Bsh, where the heck are you? It"s been half an hour, and we still can"t see you yet."

That sounded off. Was he supposed to meet them somewhere? "Um"I just exited the dome, where are you?"

She sounded a lot angrier than her usual self. "Bsh, what the heck is your problem? I thought Rev told you to meet us at the front of the city!"

Bsh1 raised an eyebrow at the last statement. "You"re with Rev?"

"Yes, I"m with this idiot and Endark, but that"s not the point! He just said that he sent you ten text messages!"

Oops. He probably didn"t notice while searching frantically for YYW. "Oh. Well, I"ll start heading over there now with YYW."

"Wait, YYW didn"t know either?"

YYW cursed. "Damn, my phone was on silent. No wonder."

ESocial groaned. "Just get your lazy as5es over here NOW!" She hung up.

Bsh immediately checking his text messages, all of which came from under the name RevL8ion.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:15PM): Hey, Bsh. ESocial, Endark, and I are heading over to the city, and we"re trying to get all of our friends to rendezvous at the front before everyone else. Could you try to hurry up from the crowd?"

RevL8ion (Today, 8:17PM): Uhh, Bsh, I can see the crowd pouring out now, but I don"t see any signs of you. Hurry up, man.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:20PM): Bsh, seriously. At least answer. We"re halfway to the Town.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:25PM): OMG, Bsh, we"re at the City, and we still can"t see you. Where are you? We"ve already met up with Lannan and Budda.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:28PM): You"re seriously still not at the dome, are you? Krieg and Yama just came, by the way.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:32PM): Bsh, I"m begging you. Please answer. DDD and Dalton just arrived.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:35PM): Bsh, we"ve left the front of the city to a nearby hotel called Vanilla Inn. I think it"s based on the role Vanilla. At any rate, HURRY UP.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:40PM): Bsh

RevL8ion (Today, 8:41PM): Bsh

RevL8ion (Today, 8:42PM): Bsh plz

Damn, he was holding everyone up, Bsh1 thought. We better hurry up.

He took hold of YYW"s hand and they both ran faster, ahead of the crowd they were lagging behind of just earlier. As he sprinted, he typed:

Bsh1 (Today, 8:45PM): Sorry for the late reply. I was looking for YYW, and we"re both running ahead of the crowd by now. Did you guys save a room for us? (P.S. Stop saying that")

Just as he was about to return the phone to his right pocket, a buzz signaled a reply from Rev.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:45PM): It"s about time, now hurry up! There"s only 100 rooms here, and only a couple are left. There"s an NPC that"ll check you in as long as you pay 500 Mauru. Mauru"s the basic unit of currency in Mafia online, by the way. Anyway, starting players should have 1,000 Mauru already, so you should be fine. Just pick up the pace, I"m at the lobby, and a new group of people just entered. I"m sure you"ll be fine with sharing a room with YYW, right?

He decided to wait until he reached the City, which was still far off, but undeniably closer in distance. YYW pulled him ahead, both dashing toward the City with the occasional falter or stumble.

Red spots danced before Bsh1"s eyes, with his legs suffering from fatigue due to running non<x>stop, but he refused to stop, not wanting to be forced to sleep on the ground. Apparently, neither did DDO, both relentlessly helping each other forward.

He didn"t even know that they reached their destination until YYW pulled back on the back of his shirt, saving him from crashing headlong into the open gates.

Bsh1 couldn"t even express his thanks due to panting, but was able to look up around his surroundings, open-mouthed in shock along with the burning desire for oxygen.

The gates appeared to be made of gold, shining prominently in the dim night. Through the gates, there were dozens of buildings, some smaller than an apartment room and others soaring higher than the Empire State Building, all made of various materials. Roads and streets intersected everywhere, but no automobiles or vehicles were to be seen anywhere. He could tell that the city was massive, with dozens of buildings and the center road stretching out to what seemed like infinity.

Snapping back into reality, he remembered to reply to Rev"s text, notifying that they have arrived.

Bsh1 (Today, 8:59PM): Hey, we"re at the golden gates. Where"s the Vanilla Inn?

Immediately there was a reply.

RevL8ion (Today, 8:59PM): Finally! I was wondering why you took so long. Just go down the big center road, then at the second crossroads, turn right and keep running; it"s on the right of that street. You better hurry some more, though; I think there"s only one more room!

"Damn"" Bsh1 groaned. Normally, he refrained from cursing, but this was pushing the limit. YYW was reading from his phone too, so he could only assume that he was getting texts from someone else.

"C"mon, Bsh1. We only need to run a little bit more."

YYW pulled Bsh1 along, tearing across the road. Bsh1 ran faster, passing the first intersection and swerving to the right on the next one. Red spots enlarged into circles that bored into his vision, then slowly faded away. Was a meal and a place to sleep really worth all of this? His legs seemed to be on fire, then frozen solid, then back again.


He looked ahead to find ESocial jumping up and down in front of the inn. She seemed abnormally energetic today, he thought, but barged through the revolving doors into the lobby"to find the oddest sight before him.
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9/28/2014 10:42:44 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
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"Revelation is a tyrannical despot, not 13 years old." -max.wallace

"hehehehe...ahahaha....wahaha...AHHHHHHHHHHHAHA....pant...pant...pant...""...that's like sex for you, isn't it?" RevL8ion on DDO and FlyingForever on Skype

"Just remember that Yama is more powerful than you, little mortal." -Yama

"XD I like you, Rev. Maybe I won't kill you off right away." -Endark