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Another question what arm okay

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10/11/2014 1:24:59 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Another question what arm okay so we are in our very first season and we've just move I look for a winds hear order form to our website for Jess sending out information to duty and one link makes it so much easier to send com since we only sell wholesale and we"re only beginning boutique this website address URL she means whatever doing me to password-protected site afraid the buyer will go through this process is acting up at a protected site because it connects just staff and my brand Neil at the same time the hotel prices at homicide and the buyer may not want it the end-user being the hotel price even know we're not selling retail and users what really find a site except for I can tell you right now she said my name is say if any other company so they actually will find that on okay to basically he carried a pass to protect say if only selling whole fam are mind I kind of think yeah because mean okay yesterday named site expected to be called the name for your company rate then you have to just simply happy pictures up there and not at wholesale prices if you want to makeup make a new site going I'm listed.
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