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*Presidential Update -- Week 17*

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10/11/2014 11:12:47 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Howdy folks, it's that time of the week again.

But wait!

Actually it's not quite that time of the week yet. I'm putting this up as a placeholder, lest anyone think I forgot--because I didn't. But some of the things I'd like to mention in the update flux. So I'm giving myself an extra day. The "real" update will go here tomorrow night, for sure, whether those things get sorted or not--I'll leave off things if I have to, I just figured it was dumb to do a full update, and then have things happen the very next day that I don't talk about until next week.


Stay tuned, please!

In the meantime: The thread's open, so if you've got something to bring up, please do so! When I do update this thread (and, in the unlikely event this becomes overly cluttered, I reserve the right to make another .5 thread), it'll probably be loooooong. So...there's that to look forward to! Being bored by lots of site stuff!
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10/13/2014 12:01:05 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
As promised, here's the "real" update:

First, a few things that airmax has already posted, but that I wanted to note in my update:

The new HOF entries are up:

Congratulations (again, since they've already been congratulated a bunch) to bsh1, Mikal, and Kleptin!

And there's a sticky for all the wonderful fanfic that's been made:

PM airmax if you have one you'd like to add!


This week, I have a forum update.

I've wanted to clean up and revitalize the various forum channels for awhile now. My attempts thus far have met with limited success. I have a tendency of wanting to get people involved BEFORE I announce things overmuch, trying to get my ducks in a row first. Since that hasn't worked, I'm trying a new strategy--and I'm attacking the messiest target with said strategy.

So: As we all undoubtedly know, the religion section is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. That said, there have been high points in the life of the religion section, and there have been low points. At present, there is a degree of consensus that we are, relatively speaking, in one of those low points.

Things have reached the point that some posters have had to be contacted by airmax, and they should know they aren't alone, nor are they likely to be the only "wave" of contacts. The place needs to be cleaned up a bit.

Airmax and I have been talking about this for some time. So what I proposed, and he's tentatively accepted, are efforts to create a sort of "forum marshal" system. I'm hoping we, as a community, are capable of getting the religion section in better shape without the heavy hand of Official Mod Action. I will be creating and bumping a thread (or possibly series of threads, don't want to let it get too jumbled) to coordinate with users who, like me, are interested in a religion section that's worth going to. If you're interested, a thread detailing things more specifically will be going up either tonight (really late) or tomorrow morning. I'm looking for users who will help me by making the pledge to be particularly nice and polite--despite their own frustration (something that can, of course, be difficult). And, by agreeing to work with me and agreeing to the onerous burden of ensuring particularly good behavior on their part, they will also be given a bit more latitude in terms of working with moderation to get any users who can't, or won't, be productive to mend their ways. This will be a public process, that I'll outline more in the post.

To those posters who used to frequent it, but left because of the state it was in, come back.

To those posters who've stuck around, I say stay--but stay and help. No more insults, which aren't allowed anyway, no more off-topic ranting. Not everyone does those things, but enough people do, and enough people (I think) have reached the point where they think that's okay because, that it needs to get fixed.

None of which is to say that the religion section shouldn't be contentious. I mean, this is DDO. And, more than that, it's a religion section. That's basically going to be definitionally adversarial. It will probably always be a wretched hive of scum and villainy. But let's work together to make it at least somewhat less of a wretched hive.

Those of you who are, were, or might be interested in religion talk, please, let's get that section shipshape. Call out bad behavior from whichever side of the aisle you find it. We all sometimes let things "slide", but I'm calling on us to, for at least a little while, to not do so, so as to turn an untenable situation into a tenable one, and make it so the mods don't have to step in more than they have already.


A quick note on voting, too, this week. I have pledged to ensure no unvoted debates during my administration. I've asked that people contact me via PM if their debate gets to 48 hours without a vote, so that I can make sure nothing gets "missed". And, of course, I try to ensure that there isn't a large backlog, or any great number missed even without PMs to the best of my ability. And I always try to vote on debates that are sent to me. That said, I'd like to remind folks that I may not get to it right when it's sent to me, particularly if there are still several days left--a debate that takes some time to write an RFD for that still has a dozen days left is necessarily going to be lower on the priority list than debates which end sooner.


A quick note on transparency, privacy, and things I can't talk about: I've said this before, but I think it's a good idea to repeat it: I have pledged the utmost transparency I can provide in my administration. Both in terms of what I offer, and in terms of what I answer, if I haven't already offered whatever it is as information. Some things I can't comment on, however. It has been rare that those things have come up, I just thought it worth mentioning again.


This week's site trick is:

Easy debate advertisement!

If your debate has had some interest and some comments, when it enters the voting period, leave a comment! When people leave comments, by default the debate is checked as a "favorite" debate, which means the folks who didn't uncheck it are likely to get notifications in their email--so leave a brief comment, and at least some of the people who were watching in the comments will get notified. This is much better than, say, spamming your friends list...

On a related note to that, incidentally, is that when someone votes only, the debate is NOT added to their favorites by default.

Also on a related note, if someone has left an RFD that you'd like clarified, leaving a comment may not be enough for them to know you'd like them to clarify. I always append that I'm happy to clarify my own RFDs and, while I go through debates I've voted on to see if anyone has taken issue or questioned anything, I don't always see it. So bear that in mind, and PM if it's important. That said, please remember to be respectful if you do message.

Next week, I'll be adding to the mix with a Fallacy Spotlight. I'd have done it this week, but to be honest, I started typing it out, and ran out of characters. And I figured I've been long-winded enough, so I figured I may as well wait for next week.

A rather large Hat Tip to Ragnar ( for this week's tip, and both the idea of the Fallacy Spotlight and for what's going to be the first Spotlighted Fallacy!


Previous week's update (with links to all other previous ones):
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