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Undeserved and I said when

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10/16/2014 5:34:35 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Undeserved and I said when it comes to nutrition in medicine everybody's underserved people are sir I'll everything other than healthful meals and that and I'm going to argue that that ranges from the kids in the most economically disadvantaged school districts to those that are in the wealthiest school district because even the wealthiest and are targeted by I'm of all food choices on they are lower in seduced and healthy things and if you look at their fate five decades down the road it still cardiovascular disease malignancies and the majority that would-be the other way so I must say that although all the demographic groups and economic groups really need attention in this those who are suffering the most obviously deserve the most urgent attention on terrific by the way said I"ll yes please latria I'm ha-ha now I'm here are of I am or K with it free here Jordan fall by use on her of accepted mister years absorbed his are yet just heard higher of better is both communities 6 alongside CL based upon your me.
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