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My administration if elected

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12/5/2014 12:52:02 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I want to notate this is going to be an open thing i'f i'm elected. Quite a few people have messaged me and expressed they wanted to be a part in my adminsistration if I were elected. There is no application process, just message me personally and I will work with you any way possible. I have quite a fem members that have pledged votes to me, and out of respect and without consent I don't want to name them. But believe there will be a strong group of people leading the site for the better if I am elected

I do feel safe to say that blade of truth has offered his help with voting and votes of the week. He is the leader of the council of voting, and has offered his help along with his pledge to do anything he can

Some other notable members that I feel comfortable mentioned that have offered a pledge and help thus far are

Bluesteel (Obv)
Blade of truth
Donald Keller
16k Adams

and Rangar no matter which way he ends up swinging, will still offer his help and has offered to allow me to post his users guide anywhere that is needed

There are also a great number of users that are notable that I will mention if their consent is given, that have offered to help as well. Most of these members will be coordinating with me on a daily basis to help the site improve. There are also a great many members that are not so famous that have offered help. I am asking anyone and everyone, to be apart of my adminstartion.

I have no desire to run your ideas for you, unless you want me to. If you want to start something, I will not take credit for it, and I will not run it myself. I will help you in any way possible to achieve your idea within reasonable means and let you run it the way you so desire. The thing about a president is that I don't run the site or run ideas. My job is to help implement and push for site quality. Anyone that has any ideas and wants to offer help, your more than willing to come to me at any time if I am elected and I will do my best to help you achieve it.

Some of the aforementioned members have offered to help with

Working on the AAN program and keep it up to par and finishing out tournaments

Working with vote threads of the week praising users for making excellent votes