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DDO Presidency reform

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1/5/2015 8:17:50 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Since we're in the midst of a Constitutional crisis of sorts, I figure I'll give my two cents: in my opinion, DDO would be better served with an executive council of sorts. My proposal is a five-member DDO Executive Council, which would work as follows:

*Four at-large members, elected for a fixed term of 1 year. The DDO Executive Council, as a collective, would have the same powers as the current Presidency.
*The moderator (currently Airmax) would be the fifth member, and/or the council leader. As such he would be responsible for the announcements and whatnot.
*Elections for two seats are held every 6 months, and the top two vote-getters are elected to the DDO Executive Council (which would have the same status as the current Presidency). Terms are staggered, so seats 1 and 2 would be contested, then six months later seats 3 and 4 would be contested. Qualified members can cast two votes, which can be afforded among the candidates however they wish.
*If a member of the DDO Executive Council is banned, resigns, or leaves the site, there would be a recall election to fill out the term.
*A mechanism for recall might also be in place wherein a petition for recall could be held, and a certain number of voters (say, 60 or 70% of the voters in the last election) would be required for recall.

I think the benefits here would be pretty obvious. Because two members will be elected in any given election, there would not likely be as severe a partisanship as there was in the last election. The longer terms would mean there would be less time between elections, and thus more time to work on actual achievements. The automatic election mechanism would make the current situation (no President, no mechanism for replacement) irrelevant; a four-member Council could still work efficiently. And the fifth member being the moderator, a widely respected figure among the community, would give a greater stability. Moreover, the staggered one-year terms would keep the present system (elections every six months), but give officials more time to work.
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