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I am running for dictator.

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1/8/2015 4:27:14 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
And, like most theme park and musical venue entertainment tickets, your reading of this constitutes your general agreement to the proposition, and is considered your aquiesence.

Thank you.

For my first edict as dictator-
There shall be no president.

Even if you didn't read this, that should put many of you in my camp on principle. If you -do- feel there is a need for a 'real' vote, you shall get get your own camp, your dissatisfaction runs contrary to the People's Bureau of Justice (or, PB and J as I like to call it).

My second edict -
The use of the word 'troll' shall now only apply to the people it actually SHOULD.

Final edict-
All debates and forum posts must link to an 80's music video in some way.

That is all.

<new sig created>
Here we have an advocate for Islamic arranged marriages demonstrating that children can consent to sex.