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I've had a frustration

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1/17/2015 6:21:40 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I've just recently had a frustration and then proceeded to rant about it. I feel as though it relates to the state of this website for the last while. I'm frequently too busy to respond with consistency, but I thought I'd put it here for people to read and discuss since it wasn't really aimed at any single person in particular (except myself):

At 1/17/2015 5:47:23 PM, neptune1bond wrote:
Why do people hold on to this petty sh*t till the end of time and then always proceed to act as though they were personally blameless and always are inherently completely innocent in any future squabble (even if they make some small concessions that their actions/words are not consistent with afterwords)? Is it something that people can actually overcome? I realize that we are all the "heroes" or "heroines" of our own story, but why do people frequently lack anything but a negligible level of self-observation? (I'm not excluding myself from these statements in spite of my intentions towards the opposite.) You were an @sshole, he was an @sshole, she was an @sshole, I am frequently an @sshole! Who gives a flying fvck? No one here is blameless, INCLUDING ME, so why don't we all just put on our big boy underwear and/or big girl panties and understand that the insulting bullsh*t happens A LOT when people debate controversial or heated subjects and will continue to happen almost every time, so we should all just get over it so that we can actually have intelligent discussion once and a while!? (*GASP*!)

It is frustrating to me to have a debating website where the intention *SHOULD BE* to explore different avenues of thought and to learn, grow, and discover truth, but people simply cannot seem to get over the fact that other people disagree and sometimes get overemotional about it. Every discussion seems to degrade to the personal bullsh*t instead of the exploration of thoughts and ideas lately. Many times that a new and interesting topic comes up, people start the whiny little b*tch behaviors of saying bullsh*t like,"well I don't like you personally and I've therefor decided that I can't have a discussion with you about the topic at hand, so I'll just insult you endlessly instead" and also "even though we're discussing a new topic, I'm going to b*tch and moan about everything that you did in the past that I didn't like and I'm going to derail every thread you take part in (regardless of whether you, I, or someone else created them) until you get on your hands and knees and beg forgiveness and then you tell me I'm the king/queen of the universe and you are a failure in all aspects of life!"

And now that I've had my own little whiny complaining b*tch moment (not my first nor my last and no one here is exempt from those behaviors either), how about we simply have our debates and discussions like big boys and girls and simply let go of all the stupid sh*t that other @ssholes and our own @sshole selves type all over the internet? Mm'kay? This website isn't called "", it's called "". We ALL get upset at times and do stupid sh*t, I get that (and so should everyone else), but there are plenty of websites that cater specifically to all the personal bullsh*t and I would LOVE it if this website didn't become completely and utterly about that and nothing else.