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Basically said that I was I have a hard

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2/4/2015 4:53:40 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Basically said that I was I have a hard time keeping of body fat and looking back growing up me now is skinny little dude my entire life also was I but will you are skinny little did your entire life asking a little girl well you know it's a great thing to look at pat this type kind of stuff because you know about six or seven months ago hours following the integer macros eating whatever I felt like eating just as long as the film I protein crabs and bad and I started to gain access body fat around my torso my lower back because I just eating junk car ode in combination of junk car and good car because I was inhibit your macros while you love beagle"s at night like that was his thing back they will then I you now you know going out to be getting fast-food drug we happened to be getting home lady and I needed need to fill my car o'clock at night you getting faster something and got away go to one the exact I was going to say it but go to Wendy"s you know to me and I was out if it fits your macros well as I started to put on excess body fat and 21 de Ayer came behind me and she goes sweetie you can a little up think about be I'm like.
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