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BHG 2: How to Rig Voting .

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2/5/2015 5:54:54 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is an ongoing part of my black hat series dedicated to helping you become a more respected debater through unethical means. Part 1 can be found in my signature.

1. Appeal To Confirmation Bias

Let's say you have a really close debate but there are people passionate about both sides of the issue. Let's say you're debating the existence of God. If you're taking Theistic position you PM the most vocal people on that matter and gently ask them for a vote. That little bit of bias will be enough to give you the win. The theists who think you lost will likely refrain from voting so you have an 80% chance of getting a vote in your favor each time one votes. This is useful to do for any strong ideological positions.

Argue With People Who Voted Against You

This actually accomplishes 2 things.

1. People thinking of potentially voting against you now will refrain from doing so out of fear of being chastised by you. Boom less votes against you in your current debate.

2. People likely to vote against you will refrain from doing so in future debates because they think it's not worth the trouble. So this is an effective long term and short term technique.

3. Strongly Insinuate People voting against you are idiots

This is most effectively done in PMs but can also be done in the comment section of debates. It has the effect of swinging voters on the fence about who won as well as discouraging people who are likely vote against you from voting. Here are some examples from actual PMs prominent members have sent me to manipulate my vote.

"There is literally no world in which <insert name> won that debate, and I know that you know that because you are not a stupid person. Why on earth are you egging <blank> on?"

"That said, I know that you know <insert name> won that debate. And I know this because I know you're not a stupid person"

Title of the next PM was "Getting Vote Bombs From Republicans" and was sent to me so long ago, I can leave a few names in it.

"did this for fun and everyone is like obama fuk you

roy didnt even read the debate -.- or understand what off tones were lol. I rebuttaled the guys entire round XD

not sure if you care about this type of debate though"

A clear attempt to bias me in his/her favor in this debate.

3rd user different PM. More info is being left in because it was also from way back. (off topic but good technique for gaining biased votes or extra points in your favor)

"I understand you voted for me =) but I want to ask you to give me the conduct points because Con repeated blatant lies even after I pointed out his error:

I referenced Ann Gibbons' study to show Eve lived 6,000 years ago. Con called this study "Creationist" and "Young Earth," but Ann Gibbons' is an Old Earth Evolutionist so that makes no sense. He repeated this lie after I corrected him by calling Ann Gibbons "William Gibbons". I never cited a "William Gibbons.""

I was going to list some examples from comments sections but let's keep this short and sweet.

Vote Bomb To Counter Vote Bombs Campaign

We've all seen this with Mikal lately admittedly sending out mass PMs encouraging people to counter all the vote bombs the side he didn't want to win was receiving. Going through my PMs this happened about 5times from Mikal and 2 total times from other people. Mikal's favorite person to use this against was Jifpop. The counter vote bomb campaign works well because people want to institute some justice against the person they perceive as cheating and will a lot of times interpret things in a favorable way towards the victim of said attack.

Create An Informal Voting Clique

Form an informal voting clique of like 5 people. Vote on every single one of those 5 people's debates and ask them to vote on all of your debates, once they enter the voting period.

Some Rules Of Thumb

1. Keep the voting clique small. If it's big and overlaps with other people's voting cliques, you'll start to receive more fair votes or at least unbiased ones for your taste.

2. Always vote in favor of people in your voting clique.

3. Ignore rule number 2 if it's a clear and obvious loss by the person in your click.

4. Now the question may come. How do I follow rule number 2 and 3 simultaneously? The answer is simple. If somebody in your clique has a clear loss, simply refrain from voting. Refraining from voting is cheating their opponent out of points they deserve and it may just be your refraining from voting that wins your opponent that debate.

Threaten To Quit The Site If You Lose

I've seen this technique used in 2 different ways. The first way arguably didn't even happen because I got PMs from somebody of questionable character who outright told me his opponent threatened to quit if he won.

Funny enough earlier in the same PM, the same individual was trying to bias me to vote in their favor.

This technique is so good no matter what version of it, you use that you can only do it on one debate before it loses it's effect, so use it wisely.

1. Threaten to quit if you lose while voting is still in progress. If your opponent likes you a lot and wants you to stay, he may just offer an outright concession, but even if your opponent could care less if you lose, you still have tons of friends on the site who will miss you, so you could get some huge sympathy votes.

2. Threaten to quit post voting period, or say the votes on the debate almost made you quit. Maybe actually leave the site for a week or something. It won't help you win that last big debate but what it will do is put the thought in the back of every voters head that they'll consider at least subconsciously before every vote.

These techniques obviously depend on you being a likable person so be sure to play lots of mafia, go on G plus hangouts and develop no strong beliefs. Strong beliefs make enemies on this site. A lot of people dislike Kbub, Zarroette, and Royal Paladin because the have strong beliefs. You can ignore what I said if you're a male though. Men are allowed to have strong opinions. DDO just hates it when a female has strong opinions.

What If People Catch On

Don't worry about it. My estimate is that over 90% of non noob debates have this type of thing going on. people usually rationalize vote rigging based on the bad votes their opponent's get in their favor or the fact they should justifiably win that debate. In reality there is no ethical reason to do those things, but it feels better to justify those things than admit you did something unethical, so I'd suggest rationalizing what you do instead of taking those blows to your self esteem.


I will create a guide for how each individual can make a radical difference in preventing vote rigging, but this guide isn't for people who want to prevent vote rigging. This guide is for people who want to engage in vote rigging.

If you enjoyed this guide, please check out my guide for How to gain Elo
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2/5/2015 5:56:08 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The comment about Kbub wasn't meant as an insult just to indicate kbub gets a lot of misogynistic wrath because of how people identify kbub.
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2/5/2015 8:07:13 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/5/2015 5:56:08 AM, Wylted wrote:
The comment about Kbub wasn't meant as an insult just to indicate kbub gets a lot of misogynistic wrath because of how people identify kbub.

DDO just hates it when a female has strong opinions.