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Think that were rude on the Big Brother well

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2/23/2015 4:48:20 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Think that were rude on the Big Brother well was like to think with their bashing on backing for yeah and they had to hold on to grow I've done something some other that shard on your body just your legs your forearms and what a lot and I'm sure they're the bottom half went numb RevTest right or even the one where they were you know then rotating there and a me splashing mean I think Matt 14 your map on that one it was it was a that kind of stuff is the is cool but I like a I love when Benzine warm his BOD and ran like pushed Reagan Hathaway and I'll have yeah I with crazy end up crashing about a good-time in Vegas I actually close the night down with and remain in Vegas so it was a good time not Christian Kristen .