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Salvation your thought about the benefits tha

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2/25/2015 4:21:27 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Salvation your thought about the benefits that we have from being born again your thought about mission man I need a human organ right now because if I was in some churches after I share the saying they beget known at organ and you get a little excited about this service RageDNA let's do this these are some byproduct or benefits are being shady number one Inn's all our forgiven I a man president share sins are forgiven number two you are now I shall order the living God John 1:12 but its many s receive him totem gave the power to become fun so the children the daughters up hot man I hear people all the time swell you know where alternative got no we're not were all creations of God but those books for children got the ones who have received Jesus escort number three we are guaranteed a home and they happen for speaker chapter 1 verse 3 in 4 it's bad it's gets here it's bad it's ague those no price yeah we're going to palace called heaven and live forever I heard a son David Lander this from my passion.