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Umbra Fanficts; Recruitment

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3/5/2015 3:08:09 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Well now it's well known that comics involve a shared universe. If one author does something, it's real for all the authors. When done right, this creates a rich universe full of amazing stories.

I would like to start up a shared universe series with multiple authors adding their unique styles and ideas, making the overall story more colourful and complex. As time goes on, the stories will become ever more amazing as multiple writers mix their talents with astonishing crossovers.

For the sake of not making this post too complex, PM me for rules and how to enter the Shared Universe. Or you can post your questions in the thread. A few rules will be listed:

1: Being a shared Universe, your story can't conflict badly with the others (general rule of thumb is first come first serve)

2: All myths should be assumed to be true (within reason of course. The world wasn't created a thousand different ways)

3: No using other writers characters/objects without the permission of whomever has Ownership Rights.

4: Certain things will be under my Ownership so as to prevent a single author from getting say over too big of a subject (For example, the Creator God/True Satan character. A single Author can't have Ownership Rights over God.)

There are more details, but I will message you in PM if you are interested.