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GAB hail in tears on a keyboard

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4/1/2015 4:27:03 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
GAB hail in tears on a keyboard well the man who was prepared to take anything on the supplement black market was about to hit rock-bottom engine make contact suffered a massive heart attack I get into a hospital and the doctors at look yes we did a double take steroids yes but not like not less you only last year and a any study give me the well this is what you get no disrespect don"t you detest to me now you test it was a star is a didn't look they are stacked it was not was not induced by steroids they are too tight with made outta shape too much stress maybe I don"t be too much working starting work it"s a o"clock in the morning getting only seven educate lock in OK that"s the reason why I got the artist I the basic stress worry about this worry about that puts the kids have been a school that"s been anybody.
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