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I saw okay cell am that stuff obviously becau

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4/1/2015 5:09:19 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I saw okay cell am that stuff obviously because we rule out a lot so the protein sources right away if you live in the big in lifestyle but that"s not to say can be done and there are lots of great be in protein powders out there about time is my personal favorite because it's all natural so not filled with a bunch of junk extremely Stevie and they actually have a vegan lines a Anabol X1 check that out and that would be great place to start cam and okay so question from Katie is there any benefit to drinking more than half your bodyweight melted that colonel that kind of I am up for question so just make after bodyweight in ounces make that your call but we don't need to go overboard like I don"t you just floating away drinking for counsel water a day I'm but listen to your body right if you're thirsty Drake obviously am and make sure even if you're not thirsty that you're getting that min a month and that that really needs to be the goal to drink anything over that is just coming in to be extra am but this is what you need to focus ones far as the metabolism and functioning optimally said that answer your question Carney so we're on we finish up water that with tip number to heal UK and tip number three is to be an old must sell fell.