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I can use this which to this is on the one ha

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4/5/2015 11:07:59 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I can use this which to this is on the one hand I"m looking for a rocker style a switch for this I gottabuy that and of course cabling and is playing ball has something to ok the I'm too fast to get away and these fans though I want talk about as they have a cast aluminum frame and their quite hefty to the know the smooth a lot of their so since Iona have an invisible I wanted to testo xl where you have protection so going to have the SEM were called greats at protecting the so you can't to the fan what positive emotion obviously I need to have these I'm but storm at one so I have to go back to yeah and then not have some clamps to hold up together and agree that all Wed regular wood glue hey yeah I don't mind using nails or screws on this project a.m. and as far south as far as a ghost but the less the less the better soul at this is pretty much it I want to mention though also the suspense I have a year together have a calculated maximum effect about fifty to sixty watts which is a which is good which is pretty good and not too much power consumption more there yeah next step I'm going to need take yeah good out basement cut plywood have the little piece here and this is Sam at 12 millimeter thick plywood and not the best grade or quality pretty cheap stuff head by haddock have.