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Money you know your fact you she

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4/9/2015 4:02:56 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Money you know your fact you she stopped why is something that and she was crying I'm not you horrible was like having dad he went on a said you need help actually yes you do she's six in a bit saying La Lumieres she's five-years-old discussed in you"ve made for what she is actually since we've been truthful with handsets hi you are different you all pick up you like eating all the wrong things you need how from that point that's why it got better because we were together team last year mom's family change their lifestyle going on a calorie controlled diet and becoming more active money lost 2 stone and is now on track to reach normal weight within six months Somali you been fantastic as well tell Isabel but it's been like tar me hi I he I'll I me old I'm start after the emotion of the course it's now down to the parents to.