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Use lash brush do you see me base for primer

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4/10/2015 2:42:48 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Use lash brush do you see me base for primer for the ice no I don't because I should trees on yes yet they stay put quite long so I don't really think me but I do use my foundation for the face no I don't I don't use base for for my face wow I just use wastrying their and then I'll go with my I'll BB cream from each what's your favorite I shadow colorforce sheet I see shadows would be by Sophie 0 half also talked about this one so half brown to round colors dark brown like later around also haslike um peach feel peach color this is life do you spend la lumieres so or liquid eyeliner I useliquid eyeliner for my offer I but I don't use pass I quite I use Paso I our farm lower line use it very often because I'll people think I fiercely flaw eyeliner so that's why I me I usually me where liquid for next what do you think of pigment eyeshadowsI never tried wants i cant 3 talked aboutit do you see more of me I have tried company from.