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They are only oil soluble so you

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4/18/2015 2:22:28 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
They are only oil soluble so you should get essential oils Nora you do not race them with water you have to take something like Gracie oil or something and massage it to your eye to dilute the essential oil so always have a vegetable oil next to you when Instant Wrinkle Repair you are working with essential oils in case you get your eye do not hold water they are not water-soluble they are fat-soluble okay so I have done my might have and my face so the other 1i have now this one is not only a moment it doesn't want to work on this okay you also may be asking I can drive brushy okay there's one on my drive brushes when I try to crush I dry brush my skin I work of coursethat are until I have done the whole lot usually I don't do this before I get in the shower and then.