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A Message For the Church of NAC

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4/28/2015 10:16:47 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Sit down and shut the fvck up.

A message about the Pope Don I.

As you know, he recently became the Pope of Mod. He has since become deeply invested in the powers and teachings of High Mod, First Born among All! He would become so deeply enthralled by the words which Mod spoke unto him, that his body would thrash about maddeningly!

During once such incident, he unknowingly struck the Lab of his Top, supposedly effecting Mods righteous punishment against the machine for it's dastardly crime of... being really slow one day!!

Due to such events, Pope Don I shall be slow of arrival in the coming days. He shall grace you with his presence, and the word of Mod and Chickadee, praise be to Chickadee!, only of those occasions in which he is able to go to the Halls of Libraria!

Praise be to Chickadee, now get the Fvck Out!