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This stuff will either yes crazy little music

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4/29/2015 4:27:29 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
This stuff will either yes crazy little music and all the guys I got pissed off because I had Bob light switch he said you guys Nitro XL get into I didn't make this up requires some cellyeah although I machine every big gravel may not realize back then in the seventies I was in impose their own music right and I met pretty much started I'm with the and I"m happier exactly a slight ayatollah it's all well way this is a man who can create his entertain I really believe that to this day by Billy still I think it is for it is still entertained as well yeah hi Lucas a bodybuilder is nice were budget would say ice skating score sport but sty you know I scoring sky isn't what"s relevant Cesar just the same way by Dollar Index to grace that you had those the jacket do I'll at the free I'll prejudging thank.