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I'll tell you what to do and you can get Sean

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5/5/2015 12:05:32 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I'll tell you what to do and you can get Sean can you get buff so you must do it and I case for some reason is that however Idol change slutty cunt just a fit my needs and fit what I like is evanhas a solid training pizza to pick up the damn time corn hi I would rather do you Testerect have that10 to 99 deal for Peter $12.99 I that's fine can I get is it helping teeter 88 can I get paid ate his pizza with the chicken pepperoni speak on you know low yes it and is coming to drink a yet coke ES one yet but that but result pizzas coming man of his work I"m p/e us a lot further ado let me go to the program Isis Lee similar to push pull it is also mean really similar to the OK a 75 trees about this program agenda but I is cool bogus 753 and what you basically do is each week you work at different percentages award along a max and you work at different reps and sets sofa week 1 I love has seventy percent of my one remix and I do five sets of seven then the next week a look at eighty percent about what myna and you seven sets of five and the third week I work at a 7.5 percent of my one rep max added 10 sets three okay so I we'll %uh Joanna and the reason I did this in the first is because.
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