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Favorite V's for that I tested and I

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5/27/2015 4:46:54 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Favorite V's for that I tested and I think the favorite of outtalk everything that I've tested over the 45 videos that done on testing you know powders liquids highland drugstore and tinted moisturizers BB creams everything that I've tested I think this is lie favorite borderline bordering on Holy Grail product now I don't think that this color is perfect match for me so I may actually be going back to the store this afternoon I have to do a little birthday shopping with my daughter and Novus Serum I think I might buy this but I downs see if there's a color that is slightly better this is very highly pigmented but it"s also very thin and light and that's what I love most about it is that you know I like I said the beginning can put this on with.