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DDO Prez elections update

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5/30/2015 10:49:12 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Good luck to all of the candidates who have announced so far.

I just wanted to post this to update everyone on the elections:

The elections will be held June 12th until June 14th.

The elections will start and end around 8pm DDO time.

The voting standards will be the same as they were in the special election held 4 months ago and are as follows:

Minimum of 2 months membership (60 days).
3 completed debates with no forfeits by either side.


100 forum posts
250 combined Opinion Arguments, Opinion Questions, Poll Votes, Poll Topics.

Once you post your vote, it is permanent. You may not unvote or change your vote. So be sure you vote the way you want, because once you do, it is stuck that way forever.

I don't believe that we will have issues similar to the ones we did 6 months ago, but I do feel as if the standards above are reasonable and necessary. We certainly can have a discussion on changes to the voting criteria, but the above is the most recent standard and the starting point for voting reform. Moderator