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WODC Update 3 - "Almost There"

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5/31/2015 11:16:04 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Less than 8 hours out from the beginning of the World Online Debate Cup 2015, sign ups through the website have been officially closed. If you want to do a really last minute sign-up, you'll have to contact me directly. Additionally the test topics have been removed.

There are 15 very strong competitors in this year's competition, an improvement on last year's field in both numbers and average quality by just about any metric.

When the tournament begins a number of things will happen:
> All the places will be randomized again and a draw worked out
> Everyone will get new emails and new tokens
> The theme/topics will be announced, as will the match-ups
> All competitors will have 24 hours ONLY to select their favored topics

If there are any issues at all with the system, please let me know ASAP!
Odds voting etc will be enabled in the minutes/hours following as well.

Good luck all.