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Presidential Interview- Vox

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6/2/2015 9:16:31 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Vox, how are you today? Have you chosen your running mates, if any?
I'm doing good and I have not chosen a running mate. I have already asked two people; one is soon to leave DDO (or then again, maybe not) and the other just said no.

What has been the pivotal point for you staying on DDO for so many years, and running now?
I joined DDO in late 2013 because I enjoy discussing things like Politics. Debating religion can be literally painful to my mind, and I tend to get really angry after spending long periods of time on the Religion forum. But other than religion, I find debating an overall pleasurable experience. And to be honest, the social aspect of DDO is nice. I don't get too much social interaction IRL, because I'm really antisocial when it comes to people outside my family.

Do you believe there are any, and if so, do you have the qualifications to run for Presidency?
I don't have any qualifications except for the facts that with 6 months and lots of help my platform will probably be successfully carried out, and the fact that my platform is the best (in my opinion, anyway). Other than that I'm not a good candidate.

What is the most important value, or quality that a candidate for the Presidency should have?
The best aspect of a President is being able to carry out their platform, and for their platform to be decent. Oh, and a basic amount of competency. The President is not everyone's friend; he/she's a person whose job is to bring about positive change on DDO, or at the minimum to carry out the basic duties of the President, such a serving an ambassadorial role to Juggle.

What do you think is your defining, strongest aspect?
My strongest aspect is that fact that I am always learning something new, and I (probably) will continue to learn new things even in my old age (provided I live that long).

You"re pretty well known for your fanfic, DDO Death Note. If an incentive for voting for you possibly inclusion and long life, in said fic? =P
Nobody gives a bleep about DDO Death Note, and it should just be forgotten.

What is the most important aspect, you believe, should be implemented or fixed on DDO?
Major changes to the Site. However, such change is a very gradual thing, so we should focus on the helping improve the Site in ways not related to Juggle updates, and embrace the updates when they come.

If you could change one thing about DDO, what would it be?
I'd make myself Mod and ban all sorts of people, lol.

You once had a multi, LogicalLunatic. Why? Was it because you were inspired by RM"s account, baus? I sure was.
Nah. I had this strange fascination with Rational Madman, so I parodied him.

What is your major goal, if your party is elected?
It's all in the platform (that is, establishing a DDO Government that will increase the effectiveness and scope of user-provided services).

What do you believe is your party"s weakest aspect?
My personal incompetency.

Do you believe you have a better chance than Bshradivoid in this election?
Probably not, but here's to hoping.

You also seem to be interested in the DDO Blog.
If not elected, will you pursue this interest still, to update it?
I probably won't be able to do anything about the Blog, but who knows? Maybe.

Do you think you're going to choose someone to run alongside you?

If somebody wants to be my running mate. I've already asked 2 people, as mentioned above. If not, that's fine in my book. I mean, the Presidential line of succession was broken during Mikal's administration and that turned out all right.

What are you prerequisites for a running mate?
A decent user. I'm not terribly picky.

Last few words to add?
I'd like to add that the DDO Government will help increase the efficiency of existing services such as the Supreme Council of Determination or the AAN Program. How, you may ask? Well, there will be a roster thread constantly up listing who's currently involved with what effort. It will acknowledge that someone's helping, and thus provide a slight amount of acknowledgement to helpers, giving a (very slightly) increased incentive to help. Also, it'll allow the public to know when there's a shortage of helpers, hopefully adding to the number of volunteers. Also, the list having been stickied to the main page will help remind people of ongoing volunteer efforts. I think that people often forget that there's ongoing volunteer efforts on DDO, and the roster in the main forum will help to constantly remind people of it, and that maybe you (not referring to anyone in particular) ought to help.
Basically the roster is the backbone that will hold my whole plan together and to allow for its effectiveness. Even more important, though, is the faithful volunteer efforts of countless unacknowledged users, which goes on every day, and quite possibly is going on at this moment.

Thanks for reading, and I hope for your votes.

As you can see, Vox is a very dedicated member, aimed at improving the site, and definitely a good person to look forward to in the elections!
I don't care about whether an ideology is "necessary" or not,
I care about how to solve problems,
which is what everyone else should also care about.

In essence, the world is fucked up and you can either ignore it, become cynical or bitter about it.
Deep down, we're all dumbassses who act like shittheads



P.S. Shipped Sailey before it was cannon bitches.