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Vote Moderation Update

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6/15/2015 11:46:58 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I know there has been some concern and consideration for what is going to happen since Bluesteel is taking a break, so I just wanted to bump this thread to make it clear that things will continue as normal in his absence.

I certainly hope Bluesteel returns soon, but while he is gone, the best and obvious choice to be the lead voting moderator is the deputy voting moderator.

F-16 has been an indispensable part of voting moderation for a few months now, he understands how the system works, and he is familiar with the day to day responsibilities of the lead vote moderator.

I have full confidence in F-16, and I am certain that voting moderation will continue to function as it has since the current system was implemented.

I'd like to thank F-16 for agreeing to add even more responsibilities to the great number he already had. Moderator