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My offer to noobs

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6/30/2015 7:59:53 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
If you are a noob competing in any tornament, especially if you are my noob, then send me your case/arguments/etc.

If you send me your arguments, and desire that I review and comment on them, I will do that via Google plus for thirty to fortyfive minutes. You can ask me questions, and I will answer them, you can bounce arguments off of me or whatever.

If I don't think you made a good faith effort to come prepared, I reserve the right to withdraw this offer. Therefore you must come prepared. I will do this according to my schedule, and only my schedule. But I will try to make myself available in the evenings at least some nights of the week.

Please read my guide on how to write a case, the web address of which may be found on my profile.

PM me if you are interested,