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Looking for an Opponent!

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7/21/2015 10:29:07 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hello All,

I'm in need of assistance.

I recently created a debate that addresses the question "is homosexuality a threat to society?" In broader terms, I created a debate in which I (very much condoning homosexuality) and someone else (Very much against homosexuality) will hash out this heated topic in a civil and enlightening manner. However, since I'm partly green to this website and know few people, I was wondering if you could do me the favor of helping me publicize this debate so that a worthy contender may come forth. If you, yourself, are against homosexuality or if you know someone personally who's against it, please refer them. In the debate guidelines, I've asked for someone who is literally against homosexuality so that the debate will be authentic and impassioned. Please feel free to also publicize this debate for anyone who wishes to later vote. I would love a plethora of opinions for this topic!

Thanks for your help and consideration!