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*July Beginners' Tournamnet Round 2*

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7/23/2015 12:32:57 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
So, I was hoping to get round 2 posted about 2 weeks ago, but all the debates have been completed and voted on just yesterday. I'd like to thank all of the competitors who have competed and put a lot of time and effort in their debates. Again, thank you for participating!

(Contestants who's names are bolded have been eliminated and will not participate in R2. Unbolded names will continue on)

CottonCandy Vs. TheOpinionist

Gmork Vs. Hayd

Toviyah Vs. ClashnBoom

UtherPenguin Vs. Nac


Here is the line up for Round 2.

UtherPenguin Vs. CottonCandy

Hayd V.s Toviyah

Please start your debate by July 26th. Mentors stay the same.

Good luck!
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