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To Tha Policy Debaters...

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8/14/2015 1:10:53 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
heyy, so my senior year has started today (already feel the senioritis), and with it comes my senior year of debate. As some of you probably know I am a policy debater and forensicator. And so, almost out of necessity, I am trying to find other people who are either in school policy debate, or just love to debate policy in general, and start a group of policy debaters.

What we do is open to suggestion, but Im going for something along the lines of we all figure out and share our knowledge of things like, say, how arguments should be run, discussing cases, your policy debate cases, advantages and disadvantages, kritiks, theory arguments and the like. I would like to have a special focus on the official 2015-2016 policy resolution, that Resolved: The USFG should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance. But I also think it would be fun to host some random policy debates, on anything we feel like. Pretty much the goal would be to learn more about policy debating from each other, and debate policy.

I know there is a slim margin of people who debate any policy on this website, but assuming any of you exist, and ]are interested, just respond to this message and say so. If I hear from 3 people I'll start the group up and open a group chat...if not, meh, haha, thanks.