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Real Life Is Rationally Similar to Online

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10/14/2015 7:17:24 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
It's annoying listening to people say that what's online is different from what's in real life. Yea, there are material obstacles and emotions you don't have to deal with online...

...but in real life, you're limited to the material world you're born into. You're limited to dealing with the emotions of those right around your side. Those who know you first aren't necessarily those who could know you best.

The internet gives you the opportunity to meet others, and potentially think things through together to collaborate and succeed with opportunities you wouldn't ordinarily get.

I'm not saying everyone online is rational like this. Heck, the overwhelming majority of people online are trolls, and it's very tough to find rational people. Most people seem to go online just to joke around and have fun, not considering the association between work and play...

...but once in a while, you do find that diamond in the rough. You find that thoughtful other who cares and is willing to actually work together to make things happen. You don't see each other face to face at first. Maybe you do later through Skype or otherwise using a cam, but even then, you're not drawn to each other at first because of what you look like. You're drawn to each other because of mutual intentions. You have good ideas together and care to be at the same place at the same time.

A lot of people in real life seem to believe that people go online because they're trying to escape, and for the most part, they're right. Most people go online because they irresponsible spoiled brats who don't care to work for a living. They're lazy bums who are looking to get caught up in a fantasy...

....but sometimes, that's really not the case. Sometimes, real life has trolls too where people are obsessed with learning from experience, practicing the proven way of life, and telling those who don't go along with the program that they're a pain in the neck.

Sometimes, people don't go online because they're trying to avoid responsibility.

They go online because they're responsible and respectful people who are trying to find other responsible and respectful people too in contrast to the irresponsible and disrespectful people they actually have to deal with.